"Please Help Us Take Back America from the Godless Left - and Buy our Stupid DVD."

I got an automated call today from a stupid far-right fundraising crowd claiming to be behind Newt Gingrich. I'm disappointed the whole thing was automated... I REALLY wanted to have fun with these morons.

"We have reserved a copy of our DVD Documentary "Bringing America Back to God" (or something like that... I don't remember what it was actually called) so that you can help us to fight back against the power of the godless left and teach children the truth about why god was central to the founding of America."

(I tried to approximate the quote above as much as possible... the one below is word for word.)

"Sadly, the Left has removed God from our schools and public places, and they will stop at nothing to remove God from our homes too."

[It went on and on... I don't think I could re-spew all of the god-mongering, anti-atheist dribble they were hissing in my ear... at least not without being sick... you get the point anyway I think right?]

I didn't think I'd ever be able to say this... but I LITERALLY felt nauseous. I could TASTE the red-hot bile rising in my throat. By the end of the call ... I was seeing red. I slammed the phone back in it's cradle and felt enraged that I wasn't even able to get away from the religious right in my own home... nope! They had to spam me on the phone.

Anyone else have any thoughts/ stories/ etc. Have you recieved this particular noxious pile of crap? 

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Comment by Ed on July 5, 2012 at 5:50pm

Newt represents all the desirable qualities of our god-inebriated conservatives. Included is his apparent flair for infidelity and being a hypocrite. If he personifies the virtues of Xtian life then it's no wonder church pew attendance is pitiful.

Comment by Lindsay Kreis on July 6, 2012 at 2:17am
I wish I could be so lucky as you. I haven't felt indignant rage in sooo long...
Comment by Cody Kirchner on July 6, 2012 at 7:29am

   I hate this kind of thing. Firstly because its moronic and inaccurate, as we all know, to say that God had anything to do with anything, let alone the founding of our country. As a history major this irks me to no end. Secondly because lately, if I get asked what I am politically, I have to spend ten minutes explaining that, yes I am conservative, but no I'm not one of those foaming at the mouth "conservative" christians. They aren't conservative anyway, they're just insane, totally different.

  Oh, and if you want to feel indignant rage, look around the state of Florida at some of the street preachers. Mr. Pleasant Preacher leaps to mind. If you can watch that, especially as a woman, and not feel indignant rage, your spine has been severed and you need to seek medical attention immediately.


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