Jeeesh! There are so many hyper-critical people everywhere you go these days, most especially on the internet. I can't post anything, no matter how benign, without someone finding a reason to pick it apart; and they don't bother to try and be polite about it, that's for sure. It kind of makes me not want to post anything at all.  It's sad, because here on TA, I thought that I had found a place to discuss things with other people in a rational matter, but all I usually get is more of the same crap that I get if I post to the general public on my Facebook feed - which is to say idiocy, nastiness, or some combination of the two.

I have posted on this subject before and it was suggested to me that I use private messaging more than posting general replies to the whole community, but that sort of defeats the purpose of an open disussion. It's not that I don't want to know everyone's opinion, it's that I wish we could all take a moment to think of how our words are going to come accross to the other people who read our words. It would seem that there is a whole different class of people out there who want nothing more than to belittle others and be just as nasty as they can be, all over minute discrepencies in world view. I hate to say this, but it remids me of all the religious people I know bickering over which version of the Bible is "correct", or which sect of Christianity is "correct". It is very ridiculous. I can't even have a decent conversation about evolution anymore without someone coming along to call me names like "spiecist", and how dare I presume that humans are "smarter" than cockroaches when cockroaches have reached the apex of their evolution (...not sure how he presumes to know that...) and on and on. It makes it really hard to have an intelligent conversation when you have to sift through all the people being hyper-picky about the words you use, and/or constantly trying to pull you off-topic to argue with them over their petty issues.

I don't mind being corrected or told when I am wrong about something, or that there is an angle to something that I had not considered; I actually quite prefer it to running around spouting misinformation. I also enjoy getting other people's take on things so that I may consider all the angles. I just don't understand why, too often, a correction, argument, or differing opinion has to come accross as being so nasty. It's not really that difficult to leave out all the nasty words and name-calling when you are replying to a post that you disagree with, see in a different way, or have more informaion about. I mean, it really discredits your argument, at least for me, if you have to be downright nasty to me just because  we don't see perfectly eye-to eye.

I quit posting things to Facebook because of issues like this, I never expected it from this community. I guess I was naive, to say the least.

Ah... out of blogging time. Sorry to end abruptly. I would love to know what other's takes and experiences are on this topic.

Peace... Oh, sorry no time to spell/grammar check!

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Comment by archaeopteryx on June 9, 2012 at 7:12pm

I think you have to understand Amy, that it's likely nothing specific that you did or do. A lot of people are angry these days, and the truth is, no one cares.

Business, for example, is geared, not to satisfying everyone - the old, "Customer Is Always Right" adage - but satisfying only the majority of people. No one really listens to the complaints of these dissatisfied people. Even a lot of websites don't give you a means to complain if you feel the need to do so.

So a lot of frustration builds up in these people, and when you say something with which they don't agree, all of that anger at others gets dumped on you. Is that fair? Of course not, but sometimes understanding why something happens, can be the key to getting past it.


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