Do people truly believe in satan and hell? Doesn't seem so...

I don't think many people believe in the devil. They'll go on and on and on about how great god is and how awesome heaven is going to be, but do they truly believe in hell? I don't think so.

You hear a story about a son coming out to his parents, either as gay or as an atheist. What's the first conclusion you're going to draw from the story before he gets into it? Probably that the parents cut off ties with them/want nothing to do with their son anymore.

Think about it. Their son, who they loved and cherished before all of this, has just told his parents that he's going to go chill in hell to be tortured for eternity. Their reaction is to cry and bitch about how the neighbors might see this? That wasn't the way you brought them up? Bitches please, if you really thought your son just damned himself forever wouldn't you do everything in your power to save him? But instead you cut off ties with him and act like you never had one, ignoring the eternal sentencing on his soul?

I call BS. If you truly believed hell and the devil exists then turning your back on your son in a time like that is worse than not doing anything if somebody kidnapped and started beating the shit out of him for no reason, and sent you live video of it happening. In other words, if you're willing to simply cut off ties with him and act like you never had a son then that makes you a shitty person. Not simply for never speaking to your son, though that's shitty enough, but for accepting the fact that he'll be tortured forever and you're okay with that.

Then there's the amount of "sinning" that goes on. Considering how "fearful" people are of this satan dude, there's a lot of laughing in his face going on. Lies and sex before marriage is probably enough alone to send the world right to hell. But does anyone care? No, not really.

People's behavior reminds me of some dumb teenage girl who has her father wrapped around her finger. She can be a total skank, party all the time, even some drugs, blah blah. But her father will continually believe his daughter to be a nice little princess.

That's how people act. But according to their beliefs the devil is no fool and he isn't blind to all that we do. It's just that we like to think he's as gullible as good 'ol Dad was because that's the kind of thinking that lets us get away with all that we do. So people either suspect this devil guy to be really dumb and unobservant, or more likely they secretly do not believe in him at all. They realize how preposterous such a character is.

I ask every one of you to ask your religious family/friends about this behavior and see if you can't get them to admit that they don't actually think they will go to hell forever and ever and ever for fucking up a few times. See if you can't get them to admit that deep down inside of them they know that the story of the devil is just a way of scaring people into doing what is right.

Thanks for reading.

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Comment by SteveInCO on March 30, 2012 at 1:38pm

It's hard to say, because it does seem that even an outed gay under Christianity is not in fact destined to go to hell, so long as they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, etc., etc.

So it's not necessary to try to save the gay as long as they are still in the church.  What you are seeing here is the parent's revulsion against the actual attribute of gayness which they have in common with their God. 

(Have you ever noticed that god invariably agrees with the person who is using him to decide what is good and bad?  I've yet to see a really serious Xian say "[X] doesn't bother me but God finds it to be an abomination" or "[X] bothers the hell out of me but God doesn't care about it."  People will commonly disagree with other people's interpretation of what God likes or dislikes, however.)

Now what I personally haven't figured out is how, if you can be forgiven for anything (other than apostasy--how convenient, that makes religion a mental roach motel where you can go in but you cannot come out), the religionists don't just simply lose all moral inhibitions.  In other words, what's the argument against those who say the message of Christianity is to go ahead and sin because you will be forgiven?

(Maybe I'd understand that one better if I hadn't been raised totally without religion.)

Comment by Cambrios on March 30, 2012 at 3:20pm

I'd take it a step further.

You said, "if you really thought your son just damned himself forever wouldn't you do everything in your power to save him?"

I agree whole-heartedly. But from a fundamentalist Christian standpoint, this is true of EVERY unbelieving friend, family member, and acquaintance. They are all damned unless they repent. The fact that so many professing Christians shirk their responsibility to convert their loved ones, for whatever reason—usually fear—is evidence to me that their beliefs are not as strong as they state.

This really struck me during my de-conversion (I’ll post a detailed story later; this is my first post). If I really, truly believed that someone I cared about was going to spend eternity in hell, there’s no limit to the energy I would expend to “save” them—including the risk of offending them and possible losing the friendship. After all, what’s more important, a normal, human lifetime of friendship, or an eternity of bliss/horror?

As a bible-believing Christian, this paradox bothered me. Because I didn’t feel that urgency to convert everyone I knew, and I wasn’t willing to risk my friendships, job, or other temporal things to share this message so aggressively and militantly. And it doesn’t seem like most Christians are, either. Logic dictates that these Christians don’t really believe what they claim.

That doesn’t mean they are dishonest. It took me years to recognize this cognitive dissonance. This was one of the first irreparable cracks in my faith. A crack born of reason. 

Comment by SteveInCO on March 30, 2012 at 4:06pm

My brother (formerly an Xian, now an atheist) says he was torn up inside by his failure to convert anyone else in the family.

Comment by Michael Merritt on April 1, 2012 at 9:13pm

When Christopher Htichens died, a lot of Christians remarked about how he was finding out right then that Heaven is real, but not one of them (these were conservative Christians, mind you) said he was in Hell.  I found this interesting given that, under the doctrine that they follow, that's exactly where they should think he is.


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