To be or not to be.... a militant atheist

I don't like the term "militant atheist". To me it's equivalent to "fanatical christians".
Now I don't like a lot of christians, but of course there are some that are nice and live a quiet and decent life, they believe in nonsense, but that just makes them nice plus ignorant.

A militant atheist to me conjures images of some person going around burning churches.
I don't think that is an image I want to portray as an atheist.

I think most atheists are peaceful and loving and enjoy life to it's fullest.

I started to think about militant atheists because of a local church here in my pathetic little town. It so happens to be the catholic church where my husband grew up and his parents and 2 of his siblings still attend. They had to rebuild another church because some atheist loony burned it down in 1995.

See, now that to me has "militant atheist" written all over it. That just makes the rest of us peaceful atheists seem like hateful, church burning crazies. I hate that!

I have on many occasion refered to myself as a "hard core atheist", implying that I am SURE! There are no questions in my mind about the existence of god(s) or devils, angels, ghosts, etc... You get the picture. I would never use the term militant atheist to describe myself.

I think as atheists we should behave accordingly. We are intelligent, rational, logical people who can reason with words, not violence. Debate is usually a welcome forum for both sides, since both sides want to be heard. Violence just gives them ammo to say "See, they are hateful violent, no morals people!" And really, aren't we trying to get away from that?

Peace & Love ~
Thank you for listening!

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Comment by Thomas J. Cox on May 31, 2009 at 12:04pm
Neal I know ranting and raving right with 'em is fun as hell but in all honesty anyone willing to rant and rave like that you aren't going to get to anyway. I would rather let it all play out for the observer of the scene. That is the person/people you will effect the most. They will see a calm smiling person conversing with a lunatic and maybe just maybe that person will put some thought to just what they actually believe. I like to just laugh at the nuts, I am talking flat out tears in my eyes belly aching laughter about what they think is "truth". You aren't gonna beat crazy but you can mock it a bit.
Comment by Serotonin Wraith on May 31, 2009 at 6:47pm
When theists say 'militant atheists', they don't mean the ones who burn down churches (although they would also be included). They mean the ones who write words no one is forced to read, or who respond with critical thinking and questions to those who try to convert them. It's hardly militant, just a false buzzword designed to make the opposition seem worse than they are.


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