Dear Anthony,

You may have finally begun to notice that our little family sticks out from the rest of your relatives. I don't drag you to church on Sundays, you may have been baptized but you haven't followed through with any other sacrament, you have never been to midnight mass and most of all, your momma doesn't pray.

Some of our family will try and tell you that I am short-changing you, I expect that as you grow older that the pressure for you to join them on Sundays will grow. I'll intervene if I hear it but I can't be your shadow. Other members may tell you fanciful stories about Jesus, Mary and countless saints. They will point out the religiosity of your namesake, they will son... I know they will.

As of when I am writing this you are about to turn four, in fact I am looking at party supplies in another tab but have taken a moment to write this to you. I hope to share it with you someday. As it stands right now I am fairly healthy and am looking forward to growing older.

The truth is though, that life is not fair, and if something has happened to me I trust that your father will pass this along to you.

The universe is a big place son, its size is one of my greatest comforts but for others it creates fear. In that state of fear many people have tried to fill the gaps of the universe with gods and ghosts. Education has stopped being revered and is now mocked and abandoned for iron age fairy tales. I decided I didn't want that for you.

I never want you to look out into the world and assume that some evil is tempting you from an invisible dictator's good graces. I want you to cherish all life and find blood sacrifice (divine or otherwise) appalling. I want you to be able to tell logic from bullshit. 

So here is my promise to you Anthony, I will not force you to sit on a pew and kneel before men. I will never endanger your innocence by leaving you in the care of a priest whose mind may be sick from a lifetime of sexual repression and guilt. I will not force you to memorize prayer after prayer, eventually leaving you to question the nature of your own mind in comparison to that of the divine.

I will insist that you treat others well. I demand that you think before you act, and failing that I must request that you ponder your actions while suffering any deserved consequences. But most of all my little boy, I ask that you continue doing one wonderful thing. Ask "why?"

If someone tries to give you a simplistic answer ask "why?" until their reasoning falls apart.

If you gain understanding of one aspect of how the world works ask "why?" so you can find out the next part of the puzzle.

And finally, if I am gone, ask my family "why" and when they try and fill your brain with god-based garbage I want you to continue firing "why" until they run out of lies. You're a smart kid, you'll know what to do from there. Don't be angry, be logical. Goodness is a basic human trait, and you have it in volumes kiddo.

Now, I need to find a Race Car pinata before next weekend.



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Comment by Alma Salazar on February 24, 2012 at 1:05pm

awww that was so sweet :)

Comment by Alma Salazar on February 24, 2012 at 1:05pm

...and true :)

Comment by Geoff on February 27, 2012 at 10:06pm

That was so poignant and pure.   A beautiful expression of a mother's love for her son and concern for his mental health and well being.  He is a lucky boy.

Don't fret.  I never subjected my children to religious nonsense although they were exposed.  They have grown to be loving model citizens who have a healthy skepticism for lies born of bull shit, ignorance and superstition.  Some day I suspect Anthony will thank you as my children have thanked me.


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