How do we fix atheist and theist relations?

It is a large question that will be hard to answer. Neither group is ever going to goes away so I think that it is an important to ask. So, I have some questions and please be nice. I understand religion has done and is doing awful things to people, so asking you all to be nice is a lot but I came to this site for questions like this.

What are theists doing wrong? How can we fix this? (understanding we are outsiders)

What are atheists doing wrong? How can we fix this?

Is there anyway of creating an understanding between the two?

Is there currently any legitimate place where a peaceful conversion between atheist and theist can take place? If not, do we need a place like this? Would you support a place like this?

Can a peaceful talks take place?

I just think that we should think about it.

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Comment by Wen Vides on February 20, 2012 at 3:43pm

I would support a place like that, totally! I think the most important thing is being tolerant with each other, and more open minded. Most of my friends, who are catholic, and I can have a pretty good discussion, and they accept the fact I'm atheist, and I accept the fact they're catholic, I try not to make them feel they're under attack or something like that, and they don't attack me either. 

My philosophy is, if you don't try to change the way I think, i won't do it with you either,  I just tell you my point of view and the way I feel about religion and god, and if that makes your brain light up, good!  

The problem relies on the people who are fundamentalist, jeez!!!  I don't think you can have a discussion with them.

Comment by george smith on February 20, 2012 at 10:34pm

I was just thinking about this, as a christian, I didn't know our relationship was so bad but now I can definitely see why. I hate to say that the fault lies mostly on my side of the table. The church too often tries to force its views on others and even the government which is by law supposed to be separate from religion. I think we all need to just accept each others views and not try to change beliefs which will not be changed


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