My Fundie cousin posted this...and it confused me.

My fundie cousin is one of those young Earthers who subsequently doesn't believe in evolution (Her words "No!! God created us....we are not evolved apes."). She's also into the whole build your immune system and you'll never get sick hype. 

So she posts this link on FB today ...

I read it and then I have to ask her.. 

" I'm trying to understand how you can post an article which talks about things evolving...since the very idea of evolution is against your beliefs"

She asks which article and asks if I mean the GMO one..

I reply "Yup.. it mentions something evolving from something else, in the case of the article plants evolving from other plants... and the transfer of genetic material from the parent to the child.. which is in effect the very thing you don't believe in-- evolution. Which leads to my not understanding why you'd post it, if it essentially contradicts your beliefs.."

I follow that with "Just to be clear, not trying to pick a fight.. trying to get a better understanding as to how/why that would happen."

Her :  "I don't believe we as humans evolved from apes.... doesn't mean I don't believe that plants can't evolve and change over time much like humans as our surroundings and diets change we change. Another example is an inter-racial child..... changes can happen."

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Comment by james d on January 22, 2012 at 8:06pm

many fundies and religious people in general have a hard time resolving 'value' to humanity without seeing it from their creator god's perspective in that human's are NOT animals in the truest sense of the word, but a unique creature set apart from the animal kingdom by god for his purpose and pleasure, thus, not subject to the 'evil' science of evolutionary study nor having to adhere to any of the principles that the natural world seems quite content to exist by. i actually had this discussion with very intelligent old school friend on facebook that lasted 3 days... the end result of which was her removing all her posts because i am sure she finally stopped an re-read the shit she had written and realized just how dumb she sounded.

once relgious people are able to ignore the real science out there, then humans running with dinosaur theme parks make sense as they can then say what ever they want because they don't actually have to prove anything, but merely claim god did it to have it accepted by the masses... pretty simple actually... evolution can and does happen, just not in humans...


Comment by Cat on January 22, 2012 at 8:14pm

james d has it right. In fundyland, humans are above the animals, so we did not evolve, but were created from the dust of the earth (well, man was, anyway). I once had a preacher explain that there were "mutations" but nothing evolved. It was God's directing the mutations that caused any changes. If your cousin were to actually accept that humans evolved, then she would eventually come to realize that Adam and Eve probably did not exist. No Adam and Eve, no original sin. No original sin, no need for blood sacrifice... It is a slippery slope that fundamentalists are carefully guarded against. Disconnecting humans from nature is common, as humans are seen as "in God's image", thus, close to divine. 


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