You're to young to be an atheist wait until your older.

I have lived in a house were religion isn't very prominent. Church always took second place to sports and as me and my brothers grew older we started to only go on Christmas and Easter. When I was younger I would always despise going to church but I had been taught that god was real and so was heaven and hell. Well by the time I hit about 13 I started thinking about atheism. There was a boy in my class who was an atheist and from an atheist family. I laughed at him once for saying "Thank God I'm An Atheist". He was the one that showed me that god doesn't have to exist. I always knew there were other religions but I never considered one that didn't believe in a god. After contemplating it I realized I could not for the life of me find a reason to have faith. It seemed illogical at this point. At fourteen I had declared myself an atheist. Living in Canada is much better then say living in Texas in terms of acceptance for atheist and acceptance from family. So my family eventually got wind of my atheism and my dad talked to me about it. I was surprised because I didn't even think he was that religious at all . He told me I was only 15 and there was some things I don't understand. He said I was a Christian and when I was older and I have read the bible I could make that choice.

I am here to ask you what you think. Am I too young have I rushed into this? I try to look for god but I have never found him. I don't understand religion it all seems so silly and illogicall but I am at the know it all stage of my life so maybe I haven't thought this through like I should have. Thoughts ?

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Comment by redpepper on January 22, 2012 at 10:41pm

I found your post especially interesting because just yesterday while talking with my mother about my daughter's lack of religion, my mother said my daughter is basically christian, since she isn't jewish or muslim.  I thought that was silly until I realized she was serious.  It's as if christianity is the default religion.  I told my mom that my daughter isn't christian, has never been baptized, and everything I teach her is anti-theistic, and so far my daughter agrees with me, therefore she is definitely not christian.  Non-religion is just a concept Mom doesn't understand, and I don't really expect her to.  True, my child could turn out religious.  My atheist sister and her atheist husband raised a catholic daughter.  My born again christian brother and his wife raised two atheist children and two christians.  We each find our own path, no matter what our parents teach or don't teach.  Atheism isn't easy.  Most people won't get it, yet (if you stick with it) you'll be expected to get them.  Read.  Know more.  Don't condescend.  Rise above it and be patient with those who aren't there with you.

Comment by John Ahrens on January 22, 2012 at 11:52pm

I was 10 years old when my sister asked me if i believed in god... before then i didnt know there was such an option.  after thinking about it i told her "no" and been atheist every since.  so no, you are never too young to be atheist.


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