My sister is making me go to church, help please?

My 20 year old sister is forcing me a 16 year old, to go to church because I am an Atheist (well humanist),and she claims she knows more on the subject than me. Her words on Christopher Hitchens were "He was just mad at God because he had cancer" and Carl Sagan "Devil Worshiper" I did not mention Richard Dawkins because she might have said something more ignorant....But she is making me go to "find all the answers and restore my faith in God". Do I go? Do I absolutely refuse? (Tried that actually resulted in "your a minor you have no choice"), or Do I "forget" and sleep in? Either way, I need advice also, if she makes me go, do I stand up and point out all the fallacies or do I just sit there and ignore every ignorant word? Edit: and NOW she wants to make me join a Youth Group! Dear Flying Spaghetti monster please guide me with your noodly appendage through this train wreck of crap my sister is making me do!

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Comment by Dubravko J. on January 15, 2012 at 4:17pm

I guess the easiest way to avoid confrontation and arguing is to sleep over. If you want to avoid fighting and listening to her squawking.

Comment by Alison on January 16, 2012 at 5:33pm

Be honest with your sister. I know its hard when the people you love don't accept your views but I am sure she will respect your views. Tell her you don't like going to Church. 

BTW: When I walk through the religious section in book stores, I place several copies of "The God Delusion" throughout the shelves. 


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