I work at the Melbourne Zoo and yesterday this guy with his family came in with a Melbourne School of Theology student card so I was obliged to give him a discount because of that.

I'm not happy giving students of theology discount just because they're a student. If everyone received concessions just because they studied the philosophy of imaginary beings, someone can genuinely believe in anything and get a discount for it. But I can't say that on Facebook can I! So I have to go with all these gentler terms and phrases to get point across, which still ends up creating a shitstorm of all the Christians rushing to defend theology and those not wishing to offend saying it's just studying philosophy so what's the difference. If only you knew..........

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Comment by Ron V on December 30, 2011 at 6:46pm

I believe there are a couple of issues worth clarifying:

1) Whether the discount is given to all students, regardless of subject of study

2) Whether the discount is given only to students of theology

If the former is true, it would seem to be a legitimate discount.  If, however, the latter is true, you may have a valid, actionable complaint.

Comment by David Ng on December 30, 2011 at 7:44pm

The discount is given to all students regardless what they study and it is a legal and legitimate discount. My problem is with these schools of religion and just because you choose to study the philosophy and an imaginary god, you receive discount. There are Jedi schools and enough people on the census have put down Jedi as their religion for it to be legally counted as a religion however if someone presented a student card from such an institution, it'd be some kind of joke.

If someone went to a school of astrology or reiki or some homeopathic college, we'd also be obliged to give them discount, when what they're learning is absolute nonsense. Theology has been around for millenia but it doesn't make it any more legitimate than any of the examples I gave above. It bothers me that people can claim concession based on a subjective personal belief and area of study which is questionable in validity.

I can see how I'm coming across as arse though by picking out theology students only.

Comment by Ron V on December 30, 2011 at 10:15pm

Personally, I think anything other than a science or mathematics is not worth paying a college tuition- so I do understand your perspective (and my kids understand I will not be paying tuition for anything other than science or mathematics).


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