how i left islam and became an atheist/humanist

hi here i am shearing about my leaving of religion Islam

this is my first time blog writing sow if  may my writing and English is poor sow please try to understand it  cause i am first time here in blog


my born in a Muslim family in Bangladesh  
my families was teaching me about Islam n Allah shatan angel n many things about religion they told me if i don’t pray Allah will throw me on hell only Islam is true religion another religions r lies like many things they were telling me my father n my mother they are strong religious they follows about Islam believe to Allah and they like shariah low in muslim country n conservatives my family another members r very conservative sow when i was 8 years old i have remember about 9/11 wtc attack i saw on the tv news on that time i was little when the falling of tower many people were died on that place but many radical Muslims does support of that attack they says the all r kahfer (infidel) has died Allah is happy but i dint know much because i was 8 years old boy i just follow what they r talking what they r thinking then my families to much liked alqaeda osama bin laden n many Islamic terrorists they says the laden is great muslim because he killed so many Jews christens nonmuslims
when day by day im growing up like 11/12 years old my age then i liked music’s movies cartoons n many entertainments but my religion Islam says those all things r haram mean not allow in islam
if muslims does follow those things like music movies n boys n girls make frindship these haram but on that time my mind was not like Islam religion but I believed to Allah islam heaven hell such as so many things of islam when I watching tv movies music any entertainments I like it to much but im always afraiding life of after death I was thinking when I will die I will be on the hell but I dint follow rules of islam because my mind was sow free I was open minded I was thinking if I will die shall I go hell or heaven that will be later
Then I always enjoying anything what would want to get my mind im always doing that
when my parents told me go for pray then I was going for pray in mousq how many time I still in the mousq I feeling to much bore thatswhy I was feeling bore becous in side the mousq alwes the mullah,s says about haram things of islam they always telling about jihad sapporting of osama bin laden alqaeda taliban like many terrorists talking about shariah to teachs about how to beating childrens women they says if women does not wear the burqa hijab all mens should beat that womens if the childrens do not pray not keep fasting on Ramadan every father n mother shoud give punishment to them when I listning about the all strick rulls about islam then I was feeling like this that i am in a jail i was disappointed to the Islam when watching news on tv or news paper then I looking news about war terrorism inside the Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq many muslim and nonmuslims country's terrorist attack sucide bombing killing many innocent people beheading honnorkilling and many violent news I see there most crime like bombing beheading honorkilling stoning happening by Islamic terrorists

when I became 15/16 years old I got to use the computer and internet then searching many news history and many many things from internet still on that time I boring about rulls of islam but I afraid to leav that islam becous I belived to allah if I left islam allah will burn me on the hell like many beliefs of Islam and later I start to thinking about allah/god where is the allah if realy allah does exist sow why we cant see that allah ?
like thinking those about allah/god after I became skeptic about religion faith allah/god
if after death of life we shall go to hell or heaven sow why Allah/god created our life?
What is the benefit for Allah/god if we go hell or heaven?
Why that Allah/god sent Adam eve in this earth? Why Allah/god creating n why Allah/god killing us?
If Allah/god have to throw us on the hell or heaven why Allah/god created our life
Why allah will be happy for killing of innocent people by beheading bombing terrorist attack why allah tell on the quran do for jihad and killing innocent people? Why allah tell to the women for wearing the burqa hijab why allah tell for punishment of women and children if does not pray ? why that allah makes shariah law for Muslims? Why allah is angry with our freedom to listing music watching movies makes enjoy and so many thing in our life which things islam says harram whats wrong with Allah if we do that

When I was 16 years old i started to thinking about Islam about god/Allah is really there god or Allah?
Why we should pray for him?
why he created hell n heaven for us ?
what is the evidence of Allah or god ?
why he angry with our freedom,peace,love ?
why islam is banned the singing ,art culture ,entertainment?
why in islam allow for jihad and killing poeple and teaches to hate other nation ?

i was so disappointed about islam when i was 11 years old from that time the
rule of islam was very difficult to accept by me i didn't like the speak of mullah
they always says to beating women n beating children if children dont pray if women not hijab
and disappointed so about muslims when they supports alqaeda ,taliban and many islamic fundamentalist
terrorist from radical to moderate muslims every are supports for the islamic terror
later i started to thinking and then i understanding the allah or god all are nothing
everything is lying muhammad was so big Liar and violent person quran is book of fable history

Now I understand the Allah/god religions are fake these are all blind belief of our life
There is no Allah no god no religion Allah/god does not created us we created that allah/god and religions made by our blind thinking we became by evolution the earth created by big bang
Human became by evolution
Now i am a atheist freethinker Ex Muslim now I don’t afraid to Allah/god I don’t think about after life of death now I can enjoy everything in my life I don’t afraid the hell fire burning after life now im free I have freedom of speech I don’t follow religion don’t like to pray don’t like jihad don’t like shariah don’t like any rulls of religion im free from religion now i understand the religion faith dogma god/Allah these all are lies

Thank you all for read about my leaving islam

inside the Islam very darkness and dangerous

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