Rick Perry says that he's not ashamed to admit that he's a Christian. But why would he be? If the nation is 75% or more Christian, why would there be any hesitation in admitting such a thing? Can you imagine a candidate  saying that they are against child rape? Against genital mutilation? Coming out as pro-dog? Of course this isn't even discussion because it's the norm.  But why the need to "admit" that you are a Christian? 

Mr. Perry seems to be holding up his religion like he has the Holy Grail. Michelle Bachman does the same. Yet American society doesn't seem to react. The Republican Party doesn't even react. If the country is presumably 75% Christian and we have one running on that principle, shouldn't we see them leading the polls or at least seeing a bump when they stand on the Bible like a soap box? Instead, what we have is a philanderer with a long history of ethics violations and a Mormon leading the way within a party noted as being "Christian". It's as if there is a rejection of Christianity going on. I would argue that this is exactly the case. 

The people that feel the need to note the US as a Christian nation are often deeply religious. You don't hear people that show up to church occasionally feeling the need to make this claim. They have insulated themselves inside of a sect of people whom speak of religion and Jesus as if he's involved in each and every move. For example, you might hear a new mother say, "I'm so tired but I know that where my strength ends, His begins." Does that means that they are infinitely energized or simply able to push through? If it's just pushing through, I wonder if people of other religions just fall over? Back to the point, most Americans, believers or not, do not relate daily life to a religion. People whom consider themselves "Strong Christians" make up less than 50% of the population. So when a person such as Rick Perry comes out and says that he's a strong Christian, he's only appealing to less than half of the country to start with. So are we a "Christian Nation" if that is true? Does being a "generally Christian" person get you into heaven or make us a Christian Nation?

On top of it, he appeals to the sensibilities of those that don't accept gays in daily life. He says that they shouldn't be in the military, Bachman calls it a disease. Currently only 43% of Americans think that Homosexuality is wrong. Poll Rick Perry specifically spoke out against gays openly serving in the military. Considering that 75% of the population is for gays openly serving, it would seem that we don't find that we agree with strict Christianity here either. 

So how are we a Christian nation? We allow all religions under the First Amendment, yet this opposes the First Commandment. We defend gays publicly as a society which does not sit well with Romans and Leviticus. We accept all races publicly which would not sit well with Jesus as he was happy to call the Canaanite woman a dog. We are cool with getting drunk, sexual relations that harm no one else. The largess of us reject violence whereas Jesus over turned tables in the temple and begged of his people to sell their cloaks for a sword then promised to come back and slay most of the world. So how again is that we are Christian? It would seem that in the public square we are anything but Christian. Maybe those that are deeply religious would serve themselves well to recognize that we are largely a nation of Christians (by default, but that's another blog), but we don't think or act in accordance with a Bible. This is why you cannot get elected while standing on your Bible. We publicly reject your religion even if we were to privately join in with you. This is the most Christian thing about us. Matthew 6:1  "Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." 

If you still think that we are a Christian Nation and would like to appeal to that nation, please lay out how we are a Christian Nation in the public square. Use national polls to support your point. Soon you'll see that in no way are we living in accordance with the Bible. Any principle such as don't steal or kill is found in nearly every society and did even at the writing of the Bible. So get specific or sit down because we don't want to hear it in the public square. I don't say this as an Atheist with contempt, I say it as an American Voter with contempt. 

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