This will be short. Look at this argument:

Nature is so beautiful and complex; the planets in our solar system, and our solar system in our galaxy, and our galaxy in the universe all fit and work together so well that it cannot possibly have happened by chance - there must have been a creator.

I want to know why Christians, or any other monotheist, thinks this is a good argument in favor of their position. Obviously, because they've used the singular form of the word creator but they've obviously done that on purpose to support their particular theology.

Why does the complexity of nature point only to a single god? I want a monotheist to explain to me how they manage to sidestep the possibility of many gods being responsible for the creation of everything. How do they justify their atheism towards every other god but their own?

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Comment by Ed on December 17, 2011 at 9:09pm

The near certainty of life existing on other planetary bodies, perhaps billions in number, and some with the potential to be intellectually more advanced than ourselves, makes the foundation of religion all the more shaky and nonsensical. Our planet is not so special any more and were certainly not the universal center of attention.

Comment by Ed on December 17, 2011 at 9:17pm

@ Albert

" it seems wasteful to the point of silliness to create an entire Universe just to have a infinitesimal little spot on the outskirts of one of those uncountable rotating blobs of shiny matter to play with His little human zoo."

His little human zoo =   too damn funny.... sounds like something Mark Twain would of said...  :^ )


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