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(Un)Holy Crap, I'm back.

Man... I used to be so massively active on here and then I just disappeared into oblivion. To be honest, the reason for that is a rather long story, but one that is no longer in progress, so I finally have the time and ability to come back to my favorite atheist site and be a part of the community again. :]
I missed all of you.

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Well, everything went well. And by well I mean, I have an amazing surgeon that did a 4 hour surgery in 2 hours.
I'm in a little pain, but I can sit up and move in bed on my own a bit. The only issue I have really is that the A/C is on the fritz and it's like 80 degrees in here.
There's been a load of drama lately and I just want to stick to trying to heal and get better.
If you have any questions or anything just message me or call.

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Well that was exciting.

Haha, Wow. My last post of my rant against trendy vegans/vegetarians got rather exciting and out of hand. More than likely my fault, but I rather like the people of this site so I took it down as to not offend or alienate anyone on the site that saw it as a personal attack on all people that are vegetarian.

The amount of replies that took away from my post things that I didn't mean was astounding, as I have had this post on other sites and not gotten so much offense. I can only assume that… Continue

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My (full) Conversation with a Christian today.

Friend: nope I'm a christian

Friend: you don't view that as a bad thing do you?

Me: in a majority of cases, it can be

Friend: and why is that?

Me: religion is the base of most of the mos devastating acts of murder and intolerance in history

Me: i disagree with every form of it/

Friend: have you ever looked at the history of humans? not even the religious aspect of it

Me: thoroughly

Friend: humans are not that nicest things

Me: Oh i know

Friend:… Continue

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Night Eyes


The darkened day.

The time of midnight life.

A new universe creeps silently to the stage.

Another world to see.

Another life to live.

The sun is now the moon's shadow.

The white orb's reflection through a pool of black.

The creatures, fluid and fading in form.

This swift veil of drear fogs our virgin eyes.


A burst of light wakens the horizon.

A wave of sunny demise.

Another murder of the shadow… Continue

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Another poem.

Resound False Faith for Adoration

Resound false faith for adoration,

And live in love precautions be;

To be the farthest from your eyes,

Then pierce the heart of times so passed,

With life; constant pain and end of days.

Hold to your chest the notions of a waining lover,

Far from past and concealed concept.

Let die, in rest, the tale of old,

And, therein, desist the lore of spirits.

Wrench forth the suffered sanction of… Continue

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A poem for your thoughts.

Oh, zombified youth!

Our life, our love, our being.

The steps and stages of standards,

Set by faceless overseers.

In truth, beauty has never been in the true eyes of the beholder.

The invisible forms replace all eyes with that of their own.

This land of fashionable sorrow!

Plastic surgery is beauty where love is age.

All the true and wonderful held down by robotic hearts and gauged affection.

Only the dronish live oblivious to the orderly… Continue

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Clarity is but an illusion.

There is always a weakening sense when one realizes the presence of love. An absolute flush of cold enters the very deepest part of ones body and soul. Taking over any form or matter of light and dark, judgment and consequence. All blur into a pool of horrid wonder that is indescribable even to those who are experiencing the whirlpool of cupid's scheme. The most befuddling effect is the inability to reason or explain the marvel to one's shaky psyche. All verbal and thoughtful processes come to… Continue

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