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Atheist rap - my little creation :)

Don't talk to me about sin, Adam and Eden -

not a sheep in your flock, I'm a motherfuckin' heathen.

I don't give a damn about which religion's older,

or in stats of kills and rapes which is the record holder,

or even which one has claims absurder and bolder -

cold is your rejection of me but my steel is colder.

Self defense my first calling, then comes self-improvement,

reality of flesh and blood and life's the most important -

at least until you prove to me…


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Those poor persecuted Christians

Now, I´ve no problem with religious people unless they are douchebags about it, but then again that applies to godless douchebags just as much. But there is one piece of Christian ´argumentation´ which drove me up the wall this week. I happen to have a pretty ardent believer in one of my classes who tried to convert me the moment she learned I wasn´t one - by looking at my Twitter, so you can´t even say i ´evangelize atheism´ at school. I enjoyed conversing with hwr for a while but then it got… Continue

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Of Pots and Kettles

Last night I was bored so I got to, a chat site of sorts. I met a Christian - I wasn't starting a fight or anything, the topic just came up and we were having a cautious but friendly conversation, but one thing annoyed me. He kept calling me a girl, several times. I warned him about this, and he responded by saying "are you female? then you are a girl" to which I said "okay, i was born inferior but i strive to get better and you don't need to remind me of my flaws like it was my…


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So, I've been neglecting this community for a while because a) I was kinda busy and b) some people in it (yeah, looking at you Samia and any other antieuthers that I might have encountered) pissed me off. But I follow you guys on Twitter and most of the stuff that gets posted is actually pretty awesome (like the "Tenacious DNA" vid I just watched). So I'm giving TA another try - at least you are more likely to have brains than the average population ;-) I'm still pro-euth (and pro-eugenics)…


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