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3.6 billion people suffer from thanatophobia

Yep, thats right. Thanatophobia is the fear of death. I looked up the number of christians and muslims, and it's 3.6 billion. So 2.1 billion people are christian, and 1.5 billion people are muslims, I say this because these people all affirm to some kind of afterlife. So thats some ammo you can use against theists. Ask them if there afraid of death, and if they say yes then tell them that they have thanatophobia. This number could also be a little higher if you ran into some hindus or other… Continue

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Ah ha ha! Get owned! Roflmao!

I thought I'd just throw up a quick blog here about something that made me lol so hard.  I'm a huge video gamer, so anyways...  First type in jesus christ on google, then take note of the search results number for jesus.  Then type in super mario 3 on google, I'm not gonna say what the results were, but all you gamers out there will love it!  Even the non gamers will like it!  Second, type in religion and take note of that number.  Then type in video games, and laugh at that number also!  This… Continue

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My reply to the baptists

Ok, so just about a day or two ago these people from the old pueblo baptist church out here in tucson tryed to leave their little flyers on my doorknob.  I didn't see them put it there, but when I stepped outside the house I noticed the flyers on the doorknob.  So I just put them in my backpack, and decided to look at them later.  So then after awhile I decided to write a response back to the pastor about leaving that stuff on my doorknob.  Here's my response back to the pastor, it's a 7…


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Exercise>Religion everyday of the week!

That's right, I'm an atheist and proud to begin with. But all these years I've never been too into shape so to speak. And so now is the time to change that! I'm doing it not just for myself, but for a personal reason as well. Anyways I go to this one fitness center called the clements center, you just pay $2 a day and you can work out for as long as you want. I basically worked out for 2 hours yesterday when I went, and so when I'm not at the center I'm working out at home. So yeah, when I… Continue

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and life will go on after today

Yes, after today 9/11/2010 life will still continue on. Even though that stupid horrible f 'ing magzine the globe(one of the worst magazines ever)., thinks that jesus is coming back on 9/11/2010. I won't be waiting around for jesus, since 1-i'm an atheist, and that's why I'm here on this site obviously, 2-there's no evidence outside the bible that jesus ever lived(and the supposed secular evidence is just christian appologetic bs). 3-why jesus coming back, why not krishna or any of the other… Continue

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goodbye facebook!

Well, I finally did it. I let go of facebook, and most likely for good. I'm so proud of myself. I feel like I released a burden off of myself. Anyways, here's the last message I sent to most people on my friend list.

Hey there, this is to let you know that I'm done with facebook, and most likely for good. The reason why is this, I've just not been doing much here on facebook. Also, I've just been mostly on the atheist sites that I normally frequent, and I don't have to worry…


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Try these out.....

Hey all, I just wanted to throw a few questions out there that you can try out on any believers you know.

-Do you think that good decent people deserve to go to hell?

If they answer yes to this, which they probably will. Then answer back with this.

-Ok, so you say that those people don't deserve to go to hell. So then answer this, let's say that those people didn't believe in god, and these people are good decent people. But the thing is they didn't…


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outsider test of faith

Hey everyone, I can't seem to find where the outsider of faith is at on the internet. I wanted to ask some people I know if they'd be willing to take the test. I read about what it's supposed to be about in john loftus's book the christian delusion.

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On mythology in general

Ok all, I decided to write a general blog on mythology in general. Now as most of us atheists realize, we all(for the most part) think that the bible, both old and new testament are mythological stories. Now about that, I've read a fair amount of the bible, both old and new, and I think that they're nothing special. Not just in a supposed historical context that the events in the bible never took place, thanks to secular studies. But also, even when trying to look at in a mythological sense…


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