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My Dad's Funeral

I had no reason to believe that my dad's funeral wouldn't be religious. It was at the church where my parents were married and so my mom chose the very same Calvary Temple to have his service. I was asked to read from the bible, if either I or my half sister would read it. Since she made all sorts of excuses not to read it, I ended up doing it. Am I going against my belief or rather non-belief? Yes. Am I being there for my family, especially my newly-widowed mom? Yes. Would I do it again at…


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Thanks Mr. Sommerville

Mr. Sommerville was one of my high school teachers. I took his philosophy class, and even though I got a D, I felt that was one of the most influential classes I'd ever taken, aside from drama & food studies.

He had mentioned that he was an atheist in our first class. I couldn't picture an atheist before him, so when I think of the first one, he comes to mind.

My only real debate with him was when he said "Oh my god" or "good god", using god…

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Who Made Blood Red?

Yesterday, my dad and I were in the kitchen. I have a journal the I write his ramblings about, about his childhood, his coming to Canada, all sorts of memories since he has no childhood photos of any kind or souvenirs from his youth. So, I was writing away when he asks, "Who made man's blood red?" He's basically asking why god chose red for man's blood. I told him (and I was told this a long time ago, so correct me) that when your blood is exposed to oxygen, it turns red and that it's actually… Continue

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Hello All!

When I first realized that there were different religions in the world, that was one thing that got me thinking about what I was told to believe. When I realized that there were many different genres of books in the library, I asked my mom what type the bible was. All I got was, "It's not a book, it's the bible". Any legit question I had about religion was met with a final answer where I dared not question any further. I'd asked what we were and all I got was, "we're protestants" as if that was… Continue

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