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Faithless: Why You Don't Need To Disprove A God To Swear Off Religion.

There's no one quite as righteous as the one who believes himself to be part of the chosen people.

The Catholic Church's ongoing sex abuse scandal has lent itself to late-night jokes, investigative reports, disillusioned churchgoers, shameful clergy and lest we forget, an untold amount of shattered victims.

Though there were publicized prosecutions of priests as early as the 1960s, it wasn't until the Boston Globe's award-winning piece in 2002 highlighting the recent rash of…


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The Toast with a Million Faces: Why People See the Virgin Mary in Breakfast.

It's Fall 1994. Florida. A woman named Diane Duyser is about to start eating her slightly burnt but perfectly edible grilled cheese sandwich, when she notices the strangest look from a woman in front in her. Feeling anxious, she calls over her husband and absent-mindedly glances down at her sandwich. And that's when she sees it.…


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Devil in the Details: The Modern Day Witch Hunt of the 80's

For over a decade, starting in the early 1980′s, Satan himself invaded scores of sleepy little towns and communities across the United States.

He worked through secretive cults comprised of day-care workers, school officials and other seemingly ordinary citizens and via these trusted authority figures, he proceeded to ritualistically kidnap, abuse and violate dozens of children. His followers subjected them to molestation, animal sacrifices and repeated torture. For days, weeks on…


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Why I am an Atheist

Much like any child growing up with a loving mother, I was often lulled to sleep by her gentle and comforting voice as she read me a story. Unlike most mothers though, she rarely read from the newest selections of the public library, instead delighting me with tales of Samson, King David and of course Jesus Christ himself. I was a young Hispanic Catholic boy and she was smart enough to sprinkle the adventure-laden stories and parables in with the more philosophical readings to tug at my…


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