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The wee easter parade

Once again time brings round zombie jebus day, last year as the holy passed I was verbally mouthy to the dozen or so marchers with their wee sad wooden cross and bible.


This year i will be taking the advice of the Neal at T.A. I will be making a few banners and placing them near by.


to bee honest, banners are not enough, I will take great comfort as I loudly let them be aware of the utter folly of their zombie jebus day.


Any ideas on what to…


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sad brainwashed easter parade

I got a text from my mate saying i should look out the window in about 15 mins, i knew straight away that about twenty people were making there way down my street carrying their big silly wooden crosses.

i had planned to make a large banner with some anti theist statement or just a think atheist .com sign but due to my stonedness i could only look out and wait.

i shouted on the kids to come out side with me but they just cringed with what i would do and stayed inside watching… Continue

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UK general election

The UK election looms and I have doubts about about the labour party, I have always voted for labour, all my life I knew them to be the party of the people and to an extent they remain so. My home city of Glasgow , home of thhe famous glasgow rangers is a socialist hotbed of political thinking and I have completely lost my place, bollocks.

I honestly dont know if I will vote labour this time, i might even not vote, than not vote for labour. I could easily vote the concervative but… Continue

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free books

i have 3 books here and ill post them anywhere to some person who wants them, the socialist in me wants to give them to someone who has no spare money to buy the books. so please no rich cunts.

i know we have a book swap or something here but i would like the books to go to someone who actually posts.

the books are

thge end of faith by harris, the cover has been ripped for use as roaches, sorry

god is not great by hitchens. made roaches from this cover also,… Continue

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Police Declare War on BitTorrent Sites, Operators and Users

Following the domain seizure of Russia’s biggest torrent site,
Torrents.ru, Moscow’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced it will
not only start shutting down BitTorrent sites and pursuing their
operators, but also hold users responsible. One proposal suggests that
file-sharers should be treated the same as criminal counterfeiters.

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Humanities darkess moments

I was listening to donna helping wee jack doing his homework when we started talking about slavery, I took this and gave them my all time top three. what do you all thinnk

1. The holocaust
2. slavery, the american version but worldwide as a whole
3. apartheide

now i know there is plenty more so dont go off on one noow.

take car

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D DAY 2010

Monday is the new date for all cessassation of all smoking products this

sadly includes all forms of the greatest plant know to man. The Plant

has my respect, it has givem me many a right good belly laugh and i love

love plant, i will never ever forgot the times we shared.

i plan to spend the last days we have going over old times while

listening too a variety to music, my heart while always be with you


love you plant take care… Continue

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weak liberal scots goverment

I knew this headline was ready to be splashed accross the media, a weak do good scottish liberal govermet bowed to pressure from similar liberal do-gooders to release a mass murdering terrorist back to his homeland.

we should have invaded lybia with regimme change our first goal, now the fuckers are laughing in our faces, until we toughen up and strike at the heart of the terrorist using any meals possible while we be safe and secure in our homes without the fear of some brainwashed… Continue

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An apology


Please exept my wholehearted apology for my recent behaviour, it was totally uncalled for and am ashamed by my words and actions. I can not know the hard work you and other put into the podcasts.

I can be a right dickhead, i just dont know when to stop, I have donna and friends in the real world to tell me when I am going to far. I'm

sorry I went too far this time. Please accept my apology and have no

hard feelings. If you need any research for the… Continue

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Dog tags

Just recieved my think atheist dog tags

I love them, going to get a pair of them for cameron and wee james my nephews aged 9. Once we have them I ll post a pic.

cheers dan

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Friends purge ( stalin style )

My first friends purge reduced my friends list to three people i like talking to, since then its went back up and there is still people i have added that i dont talk to, never have talked to. dont take it personally.

i feel now that i have a small but likable friends which are starting to make me smile and thats what real friends do, its also about my new web site which i will have trading for business in about a mouth. I will be looking for my online and offline friends advice and… Continue

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The chat is available as invitaion only, if you have not yet recieved your invite from morgan why not try clicking on the link.

come join some like minded people and me for a we talk.

keep passionate man

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The Impossible

Hi all, I was playing darts with young jack aged 11, he asked me what is impossible. My first example to him was that it was impossible for me to be an cosmonaut. Then I thoughty, It could be possible for me to, I could win millions and pay my peacefull loving comrades $3o, 000,000.

So is there anything impossible, I did say in my opinion god, if the liberal, sit on the fence atheists here will not please start, thats another discussion for another time soon.

HELP… Continue

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think atheist chat

look man, the chat thing is open, come in a pay a wee visit, listen to me talking a load of pish, talk about who has the best looking tits.

hope to see you all soon

peace and puff in 2010

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Think atheist gifts

Please buy me gifts,

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I have also added this to the discussion part of the site, i feel its important to reply to and talk to individual responses. please go to http://www.thinkatheist.com/forum/topics/danish-cartoonist-…

I have also added this to the discussion part of the site, i feel its important to reply to and talk to individual responses.

please go to http://www.thinkatheist.com/forum/topics/danish-cartoonist-intruder

Danish cartoonist intruder shot

Danish police have shot and wounded a man in the home of Kurt Westergaard, whose cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad sparked a… Continue

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whats in a name

Yes its true, he is a Dutch MP. Tiny kox MP


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Readers wives

Now I cant remember were I got this idea for a calander but I would buy one. Honest man

Peace and puff to all

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sex and heaven

My luck was in I thought as donna started teasing me, whispering naughties in my ear just before young jack went to bed, the older two were staying overnighgt with boyfriend and girlfriend respectively. As an angry, average sized lump appeared in my clean underwear I started to think of the one linners I would say to have a wee laugh during foreplay before the serious 12 hr marathon was to take place ( i fucking wish ).

Anyway, a very old corny chat up line came to mind and I burst… Continue

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What the f@*$ is a friend on T.A

My youngest son Jack was looking at the T.A. my page and asked me is that all my friends, I had around 36 I think. Any way as I looked at each one I knew nothing of them. I went to each of their pages and read. My remaining friends that I have are those that i looki forward to reading their stuff.

If I have removed anybody who thinks I should not have, drop a wee emai, I apologise, blame the pott and buy you a nice wee gift.

your ex friend and friend


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