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I don't see what the problem is

I think matter has always existed and will always continue to exist.  But even if it hadn't, that doesn't then give us a reason to believe that some being created matter. Who created the being?  What if that supposed "being" is actually random luck over quite literally an unfathomable number of years? 


I tend to believe the Big Bang Theory i.e. all matter was previously compressed into a singularity, which then exploded.  But I also believe that before our Big Bang, there was…


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Annoying night...

So I went out for drinks tonight w/ a friend of mine.  I started talking to this girl next to me, who was pretty friendly/drunk, so we were chatting and flirting for awhile and my friend ducked aside to leave me to my work...which I appreciated.

Anyway, a little background, I am an atheist who spent 17 years attending Catholic schools.  I attended the same high school as my friend.  He claims to be a practicing Catholic, which is fine, although I of course think it's silly.  I have…


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Grudgingly, I have to give a reading at my parents wedding vow renewal mass

One of my brothers knows I'm an atheist (though he probably thinks it's a 'phase'), and my sister probably has a good idea that I am.  I am not looking to ruffle any feathers, but I am kind of annoyed that I am being asked to walk up to the altar, bow, and lead the recessional prayer.  For the uninitiated, this means I will say after each prayer offering "let us pray" and everyone will respond "lord hear our prayer", as Catholic drones are wont to do.

My parents seem to have no idea…


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Judgment Day party at Valhalla in Hells Kitchen NYC

Hey all, with the shadow of impending doom looming over us tomorrow, May 21, I thought I'd invite some of you heathens over to my bar for a Judgment Day/Rapture party.  This is a shameless plug, sorry if this is frowned upon, but...I own a bar called Valhalla on 54th St and 9th Avenue in Manhattan.  Lots of unintentional symbolism there, Valhalla being a mythical (maybe not?) beer hall heaven in the sky for Viking warriors, and being located in Hells Kitchen.  


Anyway, maybe…


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