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I Hate You, But You Earned It.

When I say I hate you, there are a few things you need to understand.

I do not hate you because of your race. We're all Homo Sapiens. We differ in the details, but at our core, we're so similar that it hardly matters at all what our skin color is. This reason is also why I do not hate you because of your gender, or your sexuality. These things are meaningless, in the big picture.

I do not hate you because of your religion. I've been on the receiving end of that hatred.…


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Time to Slay Another Dragon...

You know, I may be out of line dragging CISPA into this thread, but personally I think the entire internet needs to know about it; from porn sites to 4chan and everything in between. This is the next in a long, potentially inexhaustible line of "Internet Killing" bills. Unlike its parents, SOPA and PIPA, CISPA is a bill that allows the government to spy on you through your computer. They can log your ISP, wherever it goes, and…


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A letter from God to Fred Phelps

Dear Fred,


Look Fred, I know we've had a lot of history together, and we've known each other since, like forever, but I think it's time we broke it off. Lately you've been going sort of crazy with this whole "Westboro Baptist Church" and "God Hates America" nonsense. I think you're giving people the wrong idea about who I am, and who we are. It's not that I don't still love you, it's just that we're two totally different people,…


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An Atheist's Morality

I know that this will be, by no stretch of the imagination, an original piece of work. The ideas and beliefs I state here have been formed by minds considerably more powerful than my own. I don't write this for any sort of recognition, but simply because I think it is beneficial to have all of this put together in one place; easy to find, easy to access. My hope is that it can do a bit of good, nothing more, nothing…


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Pundits and Holy Men

So, with Santorum out of the race, and Gingrich and Paul not having much of a chance, the media seems to have decided that Romney has already won the Republican ticket. He's even started looking for a running mate. He is so confident of his victory in the race for Republican candidacy that he's already decided to pick his Vice President.

As we've seen with Obama, and McCain, it's not uncommon for the presidential candidates to pick members of their own parties for this position, or…


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