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Solved: The Problem of Free Will

An ambitious blog title, I know . . . but you be the judge.

From his high-rise Miami condo, an aspiring photographer sees dark clouds gathering in the distance. He remembers that a thunderstorm had been forecast for the evening. He sets up his camera and tripod on the balcony, checks the battery in his remote control, and waits for lightning.

A young couple have 10% of their paychecks automatically deposited into a savings account… Continue

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Free Will is Self-Determinism

Determinism Versus Free Will: The Difference is Options

In the determinism versus free will debate, determinists believe causality and choice are mutually exclusive – while compatibilists believe they are intimately intertwined. I will attempt to present a rational argument for my particular brand of compatibilism. Mine is a unique (I can’t find my central tenet repeated by anybody else on the Internet) and forceful argument that explains how free will is compatible…


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Determinism: A surrogate religion

I'm cross-posting this piece in the Rational Integrity group forum as well.

In atheist forum discussions about free will, determinists overwhelmingly outnumber compatibilists (those who say free will is compatible with determinism).

As I'll explain below, what always strikes me as curious is how dogma, denial and simplistic faith seem to be shared by both religious… Continue

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