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Do animals have souls?

My grandma and I had to make a tough decision today.

My mom is out of state, and her cat Lil Man had a broken leg, we thought.

We took him to the vet this morning.

Turns out he had 5 tumors in his back legs. The only alternative was to

amputate both back legs. He had up to a dozen small tumors in his back

and stomach.

We decided to let him go..

He turned 10 this year..

He didn't go alone, but the hardest part was that… Continue

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Is life going to be this horrible forever?

I am 22 years old as of Oct 4th. I moved to GA to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta. My family is in Alabama.

I am now 100k in debt to this school. My credit is ruined, and I cannot find a job. I graduate December 17th.

I lost my job in August. I've been looking for a new job since. I am now 3 months behind in rent.

I got an eviction notice. I have 5 days to find about $2000 or I am going to be evicted.

This means I have to quit school and move back… Continue

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Why the fuck does the president's religion matter?


Except in cases where the president does things because his god told him to. In that case he needs to be shot.

I am so fucking sick and tired of people screaming hate for Obama because he MIGHT be muslim, because he MIGHT be atheist, because he MIGHT be catholic, because he MIGHT be something other than fucking CHRISTIAN.



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This is to my Christian grandma.

I'd like to share with everyone my thoughts for today.

I was watching a video on youtube about Peaches trying to interview people at a mosque rally. (Yea, THAT mosque.)

It got me thinking. How can those people in that video call themselves Christians?

I was raised as a Christian in a Christian home. I went to Christian church every week, I practiced Christian morals and Christian values.

One side of my family was a modern Christian...but then there was my… Continue

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and want to adopt a dog??
I desperately need to find a home for her.
Please help! I can't afford to feed her

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Arguing with atheists.

Apparently, atheists are fundamentalist elitists.

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So how many types of Christians are there?

because I'm a loser I was on a dating site and part of the profile was religion.

It lists out religions I've never heard of.

As well as Christian - this, Christian - that. After like 10, it has Christian - other.

How many f'ing branches of "Christian" are there?!!? Why do people feel the need to label themselves a dozen different ways?

Even though you all believe in the same god and the same bible, you all have your own pieces of the bible you believe and follow? Is that… Continue

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Jehovah's Witness bible study

My mom is a Jehovah's witness and has set up a bible study just for me so that I can understand god.
She said I can ask any question I want to and that they will be able to find it in the bible.

What are some good questions I can ask?

Other than where the f*k did the dinosaurs come from.


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I think I'm going to join a church.

I think I'm gonna join a church for a few months and make everyone love
me, then announce I'm actually an atheist (anti theist) and see if their
opinions change.

I wonder what kind of outcome that will be.

I'll have to make sure I never preach about god, that way it wouldn't be a
lie when they scream deceit.

"I never once said I believed in your god."

..I'm just here to observe.


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God bitterness

I don't like seeing people being excessively happy about their god when something goes right and then being bitterly angry when something bad goes wrong.

Someone I know said "You should stop bashing us and God. We're passionate for a reason."

Well, how about you guys be passionate about something productive? Like trying to end poverty and world hunger?

If they were as passionate as trying to help people as they were about simply praying for people, shit would get… Continue

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(some) Religious people are kind of dumb. [nsfw:language]

I just observed the best worst religious bitching I've seen in a long time.

"The government is communist for taking God out of our schools."

Are you serious?

And right behind that person is a handful of about 300 more people screaming "AGREE! AGREE!"

First of all: nobody "took" your god out of anywhere. Isn't he, um, I don't know, supposed to be omnipotent?

Last I checked, I think that meant God could do whatever the fuck he wanted. That means he can be… Continue

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happy birthday

today is Houdini and Spanelli's 2nd birthday.

they have now been missing since my birthday, Oct 4th 2009. I don't know what happened to them. they vanished from my yard and were never

seen again. I miss them so much and I was trying not to remember their

birthdays, but catster emailed me. I immediately just burst into tears.

I love them and miss them so much. I still hand out lost posters and I still call their names in the middle of the night…

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Creation of a cult

I'm writing this on a few hours sleep, so it might not make sense at some points, but since I'm so tired I'm sitting here just thinking about it.

I have witnessed first hand how people get pulled into a cult. A cult is similar to religion. A cult is similar to a group of collective ideas. Some of these ideas can be outlandish, ignorant, idealistic... well I don't know.

Anyway, I have witnessed first hand and been on the receiving end of a cult's wrath. A… Continue

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..and I thank God for...

"I thank God for all he has done for me."

"I know God has a plan for me."

"God knows what is best for me."

"Thank you, God, for helping me ______"

I feel.. negative emotions. Not anger, not hate, but when people say things like that, I feel this feeling that I can't describe.

Why do people thank their god for the work they've done? Some people don't even take credit for the things they've done, they credit it to their god. I know some people who have worked extremely… Continue

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I'm a gift from God

I like picking on my facebook friends. Mostly because they aren't friends. But anyway...

This girl is trying to convince me she is a gift from God. Okay sure.

But she really truly believes that she was a soul or something floating around in the sky, and as soon as her parents conceived her, she came from the sky and formed in her mother, and that her mother's uterus was merely a passageway for her to come from the sky to the physical earth, and when she dies, she's going to leave… Continue

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How many of you believe 2012 is going to happen?

I don't mean logically, as in it IS going to happen because it comes after 2011.

But I mean seriously, honestly, desperately believe that the world is going to end?

I've been in a semi-debate on facebook because someone sent me a message with a chain letter saying this:

"Keep doubting that theProphecies of 2012 are wrong; in the mean time check this out… Continue

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Who prays for a tastebud?

Okay so.

I visit facebook and play those apps.

I have several friends on there who I don't know but they also play those apps.

There is one girl in particular whom I don't know but she sends me gifts and things so I keep her hanging around on my facebook. But I think I'm gonna delete her, because no facebook app is worth seeing "I love Jesus" all over my wall and news feed.

Okay so, I never really talked to this girl before until one day she posted "Life is worthless… Continue

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"You were mean, so I assumed you were a Christian"

Some girl said because I was mean to her, she assumed I was Christian.

She made a comment on a forum about how no one had compassion for her. She posted about how she had been abused.

I told her to go to therapy and stop whining about it.

She emailed me and gave me a huge speech about how I should be more Christian like, and I was like. I'm agnostic.

ps: I have been abused before and have gone to therapy to help me get over it.

in other news, I GOT… Continue

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Does anyone know anything about sueing someone?

In 2009 I let a friend move in because he was homeless. He agreed to get a job, but he never did. He never paid a dime of rent or utilities like agreed, and when I tried to kick him out, he threatened suicide. So I let him stay from January to September. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. He was abusive and kept saying he was going to kill himself, and I couldn't afford to pay for the apartment by myself anymore, so I got evicted. I moved in with my mother.

Now, can I take him to… Continue

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Hilarious! Read everything on the board he's wearing. It's most likely photoshopped, as people can't honestly be that----well they probably can. But it looks photoshopped.

But it's still pretty hilarious.

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