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Choose Your Own Adventure Debate

The Tower Of Babel

The rules are simple. Choose the answer you'd give and go to the corresponding number to make your way through the debate. The topic of this one is the Tower of Babel.

   According to Genesis 11:1-9, all humans had one language, and they were building a tower to reach heaven. God wasn't happy with this, so…


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Praying For Others (Sermons You Won't Hear At Church)

Brothers and sisters, have there been any recent events which have got you down? Perhaps a beloved family member is ill, or you've been depressed. Maybe even a disaster has struck your home, or the home of someone you love. If you've had a fairly positive few weeks, you surely must have noticed in the news the tragic and heartbreaking stories of what others have had to endure. 

All these things show my prayers were answered. I prayed to God for children to be abducted, for famine to… Continue

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Is God Hiding?

There are some Christians who cannot be sure if their god is hiding or not. Their answer keeps changing. In debates, they sometimes speak of how all creation points to their god, or how speaking in tongues shows his holy spirit is real. They may speak of healing that could only have come about with their god's help, or how Bible prophecies being fulfilled is proof it was divinely inspired. In their eyes, God isn't hiding. Proof of his…

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All Roads Lead To God

How they imagine it-

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

How it really is-…

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos Continue

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Jod Of The Japs

There are some things theists don't have answers to. While a few might have it all figured out, other believers struggle with questions like:

Did Adam have a bellybutton?

If disease was created when Adam and Eve left the garden, does that mean Noah and his…


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The Fate Of More Educated Believers

Not all believers are as irrational or uneducated as the ones who believe in a young earth, creationism or faith healing. I can understand the frustration of the more educated theists. 'Those atheists are picking on the easy targets! The Bible wasn't meant to be taken so literally! Their kind of faith goes against the evidence!' It's important to talk about that kind of believer, because they still exist, and in great number.… Continue

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The Selective Skeptic

The Selective Skeptic

For many atheists, skepticism is seen as healthy and warranted. For those raised to believe in a god, doubting the validity of their religious beliefs may have been the first positive step towards freeing their minds. It's often imagined those who remain religious are unable to be skeptics, but nothing could be further from the truth. Theists can be extremely skeptical. It just depends on the…


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Godly Weather Forecast

Welcome to Godly Weather Forecast. Our team of prayer personnel has been in constant contact with God to bring you this week's weather.

God's Wrath season has begun! He is creating a hurricane right now in the Atlantic ocean, ready to send it to the sinners of America. His merciful nature has allowed for 48 hours notice, giving people living on the coast plenty of time to find Jesus and calm God's anger.

In the meantime, the tornadoes in Oklahoma have caused mass destruction,…


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God's Delivery Plan

A modern retelling of the incredible way God gave his message to the world:

From the author-

I am the creator of the universe. I care deeply about humanity, and I wish for you all to live with me in my undetectable realm of perfection for all eternity. To gain access, all you need to do is follow the instructions in my new book.

It'll tell you all about me, and what I expect from you. My likes and dislikes, important historical…


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The Neuro Modifier

I wrote this for a Christian audience about childhood indoctrination, and decided to post it here too.


...convinced Iceland has the highest population of humans in the world, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

When asked about the records disproving her belief, she calmly states it's entirely possible the records were…


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Special Liquid Extends Life

Humans have been living longer with each generation thanks to better healthcare and diets, but alas, the ability to live for hundreds of years has always been well beyond our grasp. That is, until now! I'm so happy to report the solution to the mortal problem is a special liquid I've discovered. Not one created in a lab, not one chemically altered in any way by humans. This liquid was under our noses the whole time.…


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Miracle Survivors

Natural disasters, which came about before and as the result of man's fall, are a horrible reminder of what sin brought to our planet before we sinned. God in his infinite power could have set anything in motion for our transgressions. He could have created a monster to go around gobbling people up at random, or for people wanting the ground to swallow them up at embarrassing moments to get their wish. But in his infinite wisdom he chose things like…


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The Voice Of God

I was out for a walk yesterday evening along a nearby canal. A breeze came along and blew a few leaves in my path. I stopped in my tracks and watched them settle on the ground; transfixed. I was about to continue when another breeze started up. But this time, along with the breeze I heard a voice whisper "I…


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God-guided Evolution

Around 150 years ago, Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution to explain how living things came to be so complex and diverse. After the evidence for evolution piled up, Christians were left with a hard choice. Accept that the god of the Bible did not create us, or reject evolution outright.

However, there are those who cannot pick a side, and have come to believe Yahweh 'created' humans and other animals by guiding evolution.

The first important thing to understand… Continue

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Two thirds of UK teenagers don't believe in God

Nearly two thirds of UK teenagers don't believe in God, according to a study by Penguin books.


Teenagers even say family, friends, money, music and even reality television are more important than religion.

It also emerged six out of ten 10 children (59 per cent) believe that religion "has a negative influence on the world".

The… Continue

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An Open Letter To Offended Theists

While I wrote this to address theists, I think the points made can show atheists that not wanting to offend religious people might not make as much sense as they thought.

Do those 'new atheists' really get on your nerves? Questioning your deeply held beliefs, even making fun of them? Do you feel offended and deeply hurt when you find you can't share your faith without someone trying to show you're wrong? These are daily challenges religious people have to face in this… Continue

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The Greatest Humility

I often get the impression religious people think of themselves as humble. Even atheists can find themselves admiring the humility shown by many theists in day to day life. They certainly don't all act as if they're better than everyone else. So, I wonder what humble beliefs they may hold...

They believe there is a god. Even though there's no reason to believe in one, the unexplained mysteries of life, like what (if anything) came before the big bang, or how life on Earth started,… Continue

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Visit to a Mormon Church

I should do this more often I think. Anyway, now and then I'll go to a church to observe the goings on. It's like a zoo, but with humans, and you get to analyse psychology at work, peer pressure, conditioning, religious tactics and so on. It's much more interesting to me as a non believer than it ever was when I thought it was true. Well, a while ago I went to a Mormon one and I wrote a report on it. It's pretty long, but it might hold the attention.

I attended the Church of Jesus… Continue

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Getting Past Emotional Defenses

There seem to be only two reasons why people believe in a god. They believe they have good reasons, and/or they want to believe. Most debates we have on the topic focus on the bad reasoning they give, and we all know what happens. Rather than admitting you've debunked one of their reasons, they'll come up with another, and another, until they see you're going to get them into a corner on every single one of them and leave the debate. Why? It's because their beliefs have nothing to do with good… Continue

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