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Surviving our universe. Forward thinking.

I think its probable that humanity or our evolutionary descendants could survive throughout the remainder of our universe's life. And if we can last that long we will probably have learned enough to hop over to a neighboring universe before the death of our own.

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How can we strengthen atheism in society?

I realize many people here aren't worried about strengthening Atheism. Many people here, it seems, just want their families and social groups to be OK with their more rational beliefs. And so they should.

I'm here for a different reason. To me humanity is held back in so many ways by theistic beliefs that I feel it's important to somehow weaken theism in my time here. I'm not sure how i'm going to do that. Right now my means of doing so is constantly arguing against the soul. On a…


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The Digitized Soul

I don't often use the word soul. Please allow me a moment to gargle... :)

Religion seems to demonize science and technology and I was thinking today. One thing that keeps people religious is this idea that their thoughts, feelings and consciousness could "live forever" with their "eternal-soul". They really don't want to let this comforting idea go. Despite this, I believe that one day most people WILL be atheist. Who knows how long…


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gay marriage decision

Started by Dale Headley in Small Talk. Last reply by Davis Goodman 25 minutes ago. 2 Replies

Is there an energy resource with such attributes?

Started by ỮŊĐÜムņĮØńệ尺 in Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology. Last reply by Ward Cressin 18 hours ago. 3 Replies

Beautiful Tresses....a Vision of FREEDOM!!!!!

Started by Belle Rose in Society. Last reply by SteveInCO 9 hours ago. 9 Replies


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