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Josh McDowell: The Internet is the Greatest Threat to Christians


Josh McDowell, who some may recognize from his apologetics, (Evidence That Demands a Verdict, or More Than a Carpenter?) says that the internet is the greatest threat to Christians and their faith. It is a great little article that I can…


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Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami

I went to CNN.com to check out some news on the Japanese disaster (BBC was loading too slowly for me) and, like an idiot, scrolled down to the comments section. What did I expect to find, hundreds of people calling for international relief and a moment of silence for the affected? No, as usual the religious crowd got there before I did, and made a mess of things. The first dozen posts were something vague about the end of the world, as if more disasters like Japan are something to look forward… Continue

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Is it normal?

I work at a Walmart, sucky job, but it's a way to get by as a college kid. A few weeks ago an older couple came through my line (I'm a cashier) and after paying, there was no one behind them, and they gentleman said "Son, have you heard lately that God loves you?" I was caught off guard, tired, and had heard this opening line before. I have heard this, surprise, so I said yeah, hoping he'd give me a smile and say something about God and leave. Instead, he asks "if you were to die today, would… Continue

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