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Re-Blog: Facts are NOT Anti-Religious

You have no doubt run across this story about some band t-shirts depicting a cartoonish version of evolution in my home state of Missouri. The shirts show the evolution of brass, as in the musical instruments, and utilize the well known cartoon of the progression from a monkey like creature to man. It caused some parents to get upset and at least one… Continue

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Child Snatchers and Religion

Kidnapped victim found alive after many years! the headlines read and there is something about these stories that make everyone stop and take notice. Recently, Jaycee Dugard was found alive in California, the victim of a kidnapping in 1991 when she was 11 years old. This story will receive a massive amount of media attention over the next few weeks in the same manner as when… Continue

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I Love Me Some Books

Waking up at 2:30am is not fun. Compound that with the inability to recapture your sleep state and you have a recipe for this blog post. But why was I having dreams of high voltage electrical wires falling on me? Really?

So I am perusing Think Atheist, listening to CaraColeen's music playlist and debating which book I should tackle next after I finish The Blind Watchmaker. I'd really like to jump right into Dawkins soon to be released The Greatest Show on Earth, but alas it won't be… Continue

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Meet the Baptists Part 3: What We Believe : Part 3 of a Trinity

Welcome back to another installment of Meet the Bastards. I meant Baptists. If you are like me, you are already sick of them, but you are not like me because the Baptist religion has made a God out of me. See here for more background on that. However, I have sad news regarding that. I was recently married on August 8th and my wife made a man out of me. Again. Not as sexy as it sounds but I did… Continue

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Meet the Baptists Part 3: What We Believe : Part 2 of a Trinity

It's been a couple of weeks since our prequel to this post: Meet the Baptists Part 3: What We Believe: Part 1 of a Trinity. As you may recall, I am your God as ordained by the Baptist church. I apparently share duties with Jesus, God (very original, God!), and the Holy Spirit. I have tried to coordinate my efforts with them, but so far all my friend requests on Godbook have gone unanswered.… Continue

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Confident Non-Believers Are Happy

My atheism is a source of joy for me and I find that I hold myself to a higher standard now that I have shed my desire to believe in a higher power. A CFI study shows that my happiness is most likely not a fluke.

The best statistical portrait yet available of atheists, agnostics, humanists and other nonreligious Americans, based on data… Continue

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Think Atheist Bracelet Causes Furor, Questions.

Morgan Matthew generously sent me a Learn to Think Atheist bracelet a while back and I have not worn it until recently. I am getting married August 8th and decided I would wear it during the ceremony. As a precursor, I wore it to the rehearsal dinner where my evangelical mother saw it. She kept asking what it was so I let her take a hold of it to read it. Once she comprehended the words she recoiled as if it were a venomous serpent, wiping her hands on her pants. As she got drunk, she spent a… Continue

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The CreoZerg Commences Today.

Prolific blogger and infamous atheist PZ Myers descends upon Ken Ham's Creation Museum today with a horde of unbelieving heathens. The "museum" is worried enough that it issued a warning to PZ.

All in all it looks like a fun trip and I look forward to hear what a godless… Continue

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Examining the Examiners

Here is an excerpt from my latest Examiner article:

And so it begins with their blog posts on Think Atheist and you get teased with three or four sentences and then a link to click on if you would like to read more. Michael Rosch is an Examiner. According to Wikipedia, " is a news site based in Denver, Colorado that allows local citizen journalists to share their city-based knowledge on a… Continue

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Repost: Out, atheist and American

In much of the American South and Midwest church membership and religious faith are assumed. Not at Lake Hypatia

By Susan McCarthy Tuesday 4 August 2009

At the Lake Hypatia Advance, a social gathering hosted by the Alabama Freethought Association, a frequent metaphor was "coming out" as an atheist. "I am out to my parents." "A few… Continue

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The Pious Stripper

Friends took me out for my bachelor party last night and inevitably it ended up on the "East Side". For St. Louisans, the East Side is associated with the large number of strip clubs on the east side of the Mississippi river in Illinois. I've heard it said that these clubs are among the best in the nation and from what little I have seen of other clubs in other cities, I believe this could definitely be true. In the better of the bunch, the women are beautiful, bare,… Continue

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