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Corpse on a Toilet

It would be unfair to paint all of religion and its followers on the actions of an individual. It is also unfair for religion to wash their hands of every religious person as soon as they do something illegal and/or immoral by claiming they were "not really a Christian". At the very least, the type of gullibility that religion needs to thrive and actively encourages by claiming faith a virtue and doubt an evil leads to people like Alan Bushey and Tammy Lewis committing… Continue

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Cracked Book Review: The Bible

An absolute hilarious book review of the Bible. I only posted a couple of my favorite parts to whet your appetite. Worth the click.

From Cracked:

"First God made heaven & earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. And God said, "Let there be light"; and there was… Continue

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Meet the Baptists Part 3: What We Believe : Part 1 of a Trinity

We are here at the third installment of Meet the Baptists and I have to admit that we have not done a good job of getting to know the Baptist. Mostly we have been humoring my vanity which must be an artifact of my newfound godhoodship. This doesn't mean you get to stop worshiping me, though. Keep up the groveling and the donations!

The Scriptures

"The Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired and is God's revelation of Himself to man. It is a perfect… Continue

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Meet the Baptists Part 2: 3 Things God Cannot Do

I've renounced my atheism. I know many atheists find it perplexing when a fellow atheist abandons his or her lack of faith, but it was quite simple for me. As I studied the Baptist religion during this series, I discovered that Jesus can wipe away all my sins. Furthermore, the Baptists say that only God is without sin. I asked Jesus to wipe away my sins making me without sin which propelled me into Godhood. Since I believe in me, I can no longer call myself an atheist and I thought you all… Continue

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The Moral Pilot

Morality has been argued as an absolute or a relative endeavor. The religious would have you believe in morals that require blind obedience and others, such as myself, would argue that the moral action is dependent on circumstances. I dare to generalize this deep field of philosophy down to a blind following of rules that equate to morals versus a thinking man's gambit.

The common question from a theist to the atheist is "where do you get your morals?" Of course, the theist is handed… Continue

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Re-Blog: Believing in God is Not the Problem

I've long come to the conclusion that theistic belief is merely one symptom to a wider problem with humans. Chris Zerhusen at The Pile System blog has deduced the very same and has managed to articulate the point quite well, so I will let his words carry this post.

"As an atheist and skeptic, I am constantly fighting the battle (on a very small… Continue

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Meet the Baptists! Part 1: Are You A Good Person?

Earlier this year I went to a wedding outside of Kansas City, Missouri. It was a Hell and Brimstone Baptist Church and their literature was nothing short of amazing! So I helped myself to everything they had to offer and now I want to share it with my fellow atheists. So join me in this series of posts as we get to know the Baptists together. I only ask that former (or current) Baptists do not post spoilers. We don't want to know how it ends. Personally, I think the devil will win and there… Continue

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Building Fences and Feeling Free

I love physical labor. Especially of the mindless variety like mowing the yard or painting a fence. It is such a good time for reflection and I never fail to take advantage of it. Usually I am at a desk preoccupied with mental calculations as my body turns to flab, so it feels good to move around and let my mind wander. Today I was working on my fence and was able to enjoy one of those moments. These thoughts are always poetic and wonderful at the time and I always fail to translate that later… Continue

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The Young Elders

This is a true story that I wrote in a narrative format simply to exercise my writing and shake some rust off. It happened tonight after dinner and I sat down and quickly wrote this in one go, hopefully preserving the salient conversation points. Either this can spark discussion on Jehovah Witnesses and/or I can get some criticisms on my writing. I think Misty has inspired me to begin writing more with her writings. So here is a piece of non-fiction. Please forgive typos, punctuation… Continue

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Michael Jackson and Pareidolia

I find human beings to be among the most irrational creatures in the animal kingdom. Our pattern seeking tendencies have served us well in our short history, but strange artifacts of this aspect of ourselves do stand in peculiar contrast to the relatively more rational mindset of modernity. One of the most media attracting of these is pareidolia.

Wikipedia says: Pareidolia (pronounced /pærɪˈdoʊliə/) is a… Continue

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I Shall Return!

I went to a wedding just outside of Kansas City. It was a rural area at a secluded church in a heavily wooded area. Before we arrived, we decided to stop at a Burger King just off of the highway. We ordered our food and I left to use the restroom. When I returned, my fiancee had chosen a table and sat idly by with our food on a tray. I took my seat across from her and bless her heart if she didn't pick a good table to sit at. On our table, and no one else's that I could tell, was… Continue

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