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"Should" is Not a Good Reason to Restrain Free Speech

"Should" is Not a Good Reason to Restrain Free Speech

Much press and debate has been created due to Rev. Terry Jones announcement that he would burn a Quran, the holy book of Islam. Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, had planned to burn the book on the 9th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. As of this writing, he has recanted his desire to ever burn a Quran and the deed went unfulfilled.

What it sparked has been a… Continue

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Lying to Attain Sex Leads to Rape Conviction

Usually, consensual sex that leads to a rape conviction has something to do with the legal age of consent and one of the consenting sexual partners being below it. Maybe the victim even lied about their age and the law showed no mercy for the hapless perpetrator. But, this is a novel case where two, consenting adults met and then had sex. Everything was legal until sometime later when the woman found out something about her sexual partner.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced…

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Sometimes, A Friend Surprises Me

I started playing hockey again and one of the highlights of this is that some old friends have also dusted off their skates and are shaking off years of rust with me. Of course, the icing on this cake is the trip to the bar after the game, picking up where we left off in our mid-twenties and having a good time with the help of cold beer. I have been friends with these people since before I identified with atheism, and probably back to when I identified as a Christian, although I was never a… Continue

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ICP's Miracles

I watched the SNL parody on the television of ICP's song Miracles before I was aware of the actual song. After discovering the source of the parody, I was beside myself at how little SNL had to do to parody this. It is so ridiculous, that it is its own parody. But it also worried me in that I know far too many people who not only embrace ignorance, but seem to celebrate it as a virtue.

The religious right is in the mainstream pushing their anti-intellectual and anti-science agenda. I… Continue

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Political Emails: A License Required for your House??

Here is the newest political email I have received, although it does not appear to be all that new. But after the failure to block health care reform, this may be getting resurrected as the cause du jour for the crazy right. It has all the classic stamps of lunacy. From spending most of the email establishing outrage before presenting the "facts", to the "BETTER WAKE UP AMERICA" in all caps, to the call to arms at the end reading "This is bad.....real bad....these guys MUST be stopped, stopped… Continue

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Re-Blog: weird things vs. the accommodationists

There is something I…


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Right Wing Arrogance & Ignorance

“It won’t be long until this is a communist country,” it was said today during a business meeting. The conversation was in regards to a Chinese supplier and their ability to expand space and operations. One co-worker jokingly stated that the government could just throw out the neighbors and raze the building, allowing the supplier to expand. The reason for this, my co-worker explained with a chuckle, is because they are communists. I retorted that it happens all the time here in the United… Continue

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Man Awakes From Coma? Not So Fast...

Here now is a story that will sell newspapers. No doubt you have already heard of the Belgian man who, after an automobile accident, spent the last 23 years in a coma. After his family requested a new diagnosis, it was found through brain scans (of some sort) that his brain was functioning normally and that was when they realized he could communicate with a touch pad and a helping hand. The story that emerged is that he was fully aware during those 23 years and was "trapped", unable to speak or… Continue

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LHC is Back, Baby!

Look out Higgs!

Geneva, 20 November 2009. Particle beams are once again circulating in the world's most powerful particle accelerator, CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This news comes after the machine was handed over for operation on Wednesday morning. A clockwise circulating beam was established at ten o'clock this evening.

You can follow the whole thing… Continue

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Where in the World is Misty: Mo's Pitbull?

Well, it appears that she is headed the United States, for a short visit. She'll be visiting the 48th state to be inducted into the Union, also known as the Copper State. Where has she fled?

A) Kentucky

B) South Dakota

C) Arizona

D) Mexico


She wanted me to let you all know that she misses you godless heathens. She plans to buy a puppy dog and then travel to Mexico to train it as a… Continue

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Stars, Stories, and Prayer

November is shaping up to be a busy month. I'm ready to begin my career as an amateur astronomer. I had written before about the Galileoscope, and they are very neat! I bought a $15 tripod from Amazon and I think it will work great. Now, if only these damned rainstorms would go away and give me some clear sky! Here is a picture of the setup. You are probably wondering how I took the picture and… Continue

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Paul Haggis Leaves Scientology

Interesting article about Paul Haggis (Academy Award winning director of "Crash") leaving Scientology. I stumbled upon this here and I have to say that this reporting style caters to my tastes, so be forewarned before you click. There are pictures of beautiful women kissing each other. It will make sense when you read it. Or not. I didn't care, I was just happy to see… Continue

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Dawkins to Target Teenagers? Let the Apoplectic Response from Theists and Media Begin!

Richard Dawkins wrote a very excellent book on, to borrow from Jerry Coyne's also excellent and eponymously titled book, why evolution is true. Dawkins went on his promotional tour, many times being thrown to wolves who had no interest in helping him promote his latest book or in evolution itself. Many of these television personalities were focused on taking a swipe at, what they must have perceived to be, the Pope of New Atheism and obsessing over his 2006 book, The God Delusion. Richard… Continue

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Atheism: What's the Point?

Lisa Miller, Newsweek's Religion Editor, thinks you are boring. Okay, actually she thinks that arguing over religion is boring. So stop it. Seriously.

She wrote an article title and subtitled so:

Two White Guys Walk Into a Bar … Let's move beyond faith versus reason.…

Photobucket Continue

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Too Western to Live

From CNN, another story of a young girl being attacked by a family member:

Arizona police are looking for a man who they allege ran down his daughter and her friend because he believed his daughter had become "too Westernized."…

Photobucket Continue

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NaNoWriMo Approaches! Got Plans for November?

November is National Novel Writing Month! Many of us have always dreamed of writing a novel and just never got around to it. Well, now is your chance to accomplish this personal feat. The great thing about NaNoWriMo is that it is merely a fun, personal contest to put 50,000 words or more together for a short novel.

From the NaNoWriMo site:

"National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel… Continue

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Celebrate the International Year of Astronomy with the Galileoscope!

I've been looking to get into some astronomy of late and this post may be of interest to anyone in that same mood. Or, for those who are looking for a good gift for a budding astronomer.

Today I received two Galileoscopes in the mail. They are low cost telescopes that seem perfect for amateur astronomers. Here is the product description from their site.

The Galileoscope™ is a high-quality, low-cost telescope… Continue

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Censoring Your Critics

Until recently I was content to let bygones be bygones in a heated debate with Nix Manes on his Texas Execution Looms After Jury Consult Bible blog post. The conversation was sidetracked by Nix Manes due to his accusations that lawyers and judges cause strife. I took exception to his sweeping… Continue

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Re-Blog - Father Horndog and his helpful church

From PZ Myers' Pharyngula blog:

Lose all faith in Catholicism, please. If you haven't already, this story should help you on your way. If that's not enough, perhaps… Continue

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Tobor and Religion's Stinky Living Room

Religion pervades all facets of life in the United States. From influencing who we vote for to how we respond to a sneeze, religion's influence on Americans is undeniable. Because these beliefs are so common place, not many people give much thought to the religiosity involved in everyday life. When a loved one is recovering in the hospital, the most common thing you will hear is how well wishers will pray for their recovery.

What is interesting is the link between childhood cartoons… Continue

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