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I hope I never hear this again...

I heard "Officer down!" over the radio last night and I hope that I never have to hear it again.

Me and another officer were called to a "man w/ a gun" call last night. I arrived first so I started to get the necessary information and take a report. When my back up arrived, I briefed him on who we were looking for and a vehicle description. At 12:44am he left the incident location to look for the suspect. At 12:46am he found the suspect's vehicle. I immediately left to back him up. (It… Continue

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Politics and Politics

I keep reading little articles that claim anywhere between 20-55% of doctors will quit if this health care bill passes. Also, that the Us is going to go into a deep depression b/c it can't afford the taxes and the expenses it's going to bring down on us... They are full of it!

Seriously? That's like me saying, "I promise... if Microsoft comes out with another O.S., I'll never work on computers again!!"

Pshh.. these scare tactics are getting a little silly.

If… Continue

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Is Oklahoma Investigating Richard Dawkins Free Speech?

Oh, yes they are. THIS is why we fight.,3656,n,n


Is Oklahoma Investigating Richard Dawkins Free Speech?

by Greg Lukianoff

In a case that harkens back to the old-timey censorship of yesteryear, it appears that the Oklahoma legislature is pulling out the stops to oppose the University of Oklahoma's decision to host the Oxford evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on its campus. Dawkins was invited to speak at… Continue

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Sounds of My Night

My mind spins ceaselessly 24/7. It's hard to focus. It's hard to think. Quite is what I need. Peace.

Silence will bring me peace.

I'm listening. What can I hear? Stop for a second. Think about nothing and just listen to the subtle noises of your surroundings.

I'm listening to the quite hum of my laptop. The subtle breathing of my 2 1/2 month old puppy.

The annoying rattle of my ceiling fan and the heavy rustling of damp leaves outside my window. They are so loud... the… Continue

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Spending in the Stimulus Bill


Since I wrote this, my opinions on the subject have changed a bit. Enough that I would not have made this post if I could go back. I'll leave it here b/c it will remind me and other's that I am not above being wrong and/or changing my mind based on new information.


The more I read of this bill, the more I get pissed off. There are a LOT of good things in there. A LOT. The problem is that we can't afford it. We don't need all of this extra… Continue

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My Government Has Failed Me

This came up in chat the other day and I wanted to add a couple things.

Oh, and before you both replying with "it's not that easy", I'll go ahead and tell you that I know it's not this easy. This is my argument for an ideal world. We don't live in that place yet; so, just let me bitch and complain about it... thanks.

It started with me accusing Obama of being "like the rest of them".

I'll go ahead and clear up a couple things. I know Obama has only been in office for… Continue

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