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A balanced view?

I was thinking today about how people blindly fall in with a religious belief without perhaps understanding different perspectives, belief systems and indeed science.

In most cases (I understand that there are exceptions) people find religion in times of need or anguish. This often puts them in a position of vulnerability, and I believe that religion (intentionally or unintentionally) uses this to its own ends. People are not thinking clearly or logically at these times and so… Continue

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Why so militant?

I should imagine that my atheism came as quite a shock to my religious friends, and yes I do still count you all as friends. Even more surprising is perhaps the militant stance that I have taken with it.

My militancy comes from several sources. First and foremost I think it comes from my character, as a Christian I was evangelical. I always looked for ways to share my faith and organised face to face evangelism in the town centre. Just as I had 'passion' for Christianity it should… Continue

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Blind Ignorance Didn't Evolve

Charles Darwin dies in 1882, and despite demonstrable lies by a woman called Lady Hope, he did not convert before death. In 1859 he published “Origin of Species” one of the finest scientific works ever published.

Since that date some 140 years ago, evolutionary science has continued to grow and discover a mountain of supporting evidence for both evolution and natural selection.

Still, to this day there are creationists that hold that evolution is false. To do so is… Continue

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A brief history...

Three of the major religions formed out of the early Israelite religion, this religion was essentially a precursor for Judaism, Islam and Christianity.


The original scriptures of the Israelite religion were written between 900 – 100 BC. Not all of these had a directly religious origin, but were given religious significance by being collected together into a single compilation.


It was around 1200 BC that a number of tribes of diverse origin inhabited the hills…


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Pascal's Wager

Original Statement

Even science believes that in the beginning there was nothing and then came the biggest bang in history. Einstein said: 'Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind'. Personally, I'm with Pascal - though I am not betting on it.

Some Thoughts

1. Science believes there was something from nothing

Okay, this does get banded about allot, but sadly it's not totally true. Science can take us back to a…


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Faith - Escapism of the Masses

Faith: a belief that is not based on proof

All religions, if they are completely honest, come down to faith. We can safely set aside all of the arguments that the atheist / theist debates often raise, while these are important they seldom have the ability to remove ones faith. The reason for this is simple; the religious will often throw themselves onto the sword of faith regardless…


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