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trey parker american hero

well it finally happened SOUTH PARK god censored the kids. For those who have never seen SP a little background. trey parker created this adult cartoon and comedy central network has aired it for 14 years,parker has profiled almost every religion and has done it simply using 9 year olds asking for explanations ie catholics body and blood of christ,"are we canibles or vampires"? scientology got parker a peabody award. for a cartoon! well a brand new episode (#201) showed muhamed as a sports… Continue

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i hate to say this but my knowledge of tom cruz,s cult comes from south park. ya shut up.lets see if i got this right darth vader stuff a hawiian volcanoe with evil souls that are now causing all of mans sorrows. and better even they dont tell you this until year 4,I WONDER WHY.sci fi tology charges its recruits and how many would stay if they knew darth?well alot theres no shortage of stupid, but some would run,and WE can help spread the secret.let people in "WITH EYES WIDE OPEN" JEFF… Continue

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make em ask

I,m new to this site,40 years of logic says i dont need this site.wait not insulting the site,just i need no affermation of sanity.(religeon is mental illness) and you most likely dont either. i,m thinking lets challenge the pious to a fair exchange of ideas,we give say 500 to 1000 words to them that we print for our people and they give us the same.. hmmmm most the zealots i know have egos that say "when they hear the word" and maybe some will,we respond not with our "dogma" but simple… Continue

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