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At another wake.

*Sigh* Well, here I am at yet another of my brother's friend's wake. This time it was the father. He worked at a mill for 20 years so it's understandable that this happened. 20 years on someone's lungs would not make you live longer, but it still sucks. Only 4 months apart from the last wake I went to. I was still trying to get over the last one, now this. It seems that the mortality rate here in america is pretty high. If you make it to 60, I'm impressed.  I just wish I had some words of…


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My brother's friend's wake.

Yesterday, I went to a wake who is a close friend of my brother's and he's sort of my friend I guess but he's closer to my brother then me because they are closer ages. I'm ten years apart from them. Anyway, when I was growing up with them and hanging out whenever I could, I got to know his family. His mom used to be a teacher aid at school, and she helped me out whenever I had trouble during studies. His brother and I used to play NES when he was baby sitting me. When I got coughed smoking,…


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Payers in school bill has passed in my state.

On August 9th in Wayne county of Missouri, (My home town). Missouri voters approved prayer issue. I voted against this, and at least I tried to do something good in my state. But the majority has spoken, but I remember something that Bill Maher once said: "Just because the majority out weights the minority, doesn't mean the minority is wrong. The majority once thought that the world was flat, but that didn't make them right."  It's tough to do something right, when everyone else is against…


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Christianity in the furture.

The other day I was reading Michal Moore's book, Stupid white men. In one chapter he said the women ratio is out numbering the men, and then going on on about how men deserve to be whipped out and all. But then I was thinking about the women ratio in the future and what it'll do to Christianity with in the next 40 years or so. I'm thinking that it'll come to three conclusions:

1. It'll raise the lesbians to a large majority in the world.

2. Or that Christianity will have to…


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Driving thoughts

If the Bible so damn important to the world, then why is it so damn vague? Like "Thou shall not kill."  Ok, kill what, our own kind, other animals? Hell our own immune system kills infections, we don't even have a choice in that matter, does that make us natural born killers? I don't give credit to unfinished work. If there were such stones that actually had that, it probably said; "Thou shall not kill..."

This is a rhetorical questions, to you guys, I was driving around today, and…


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Holy light.

The other day I was getting in the holiday cheer and thought about buying a solar panel for a church so they can put it up there and capture some of that "Holy light" and put it to good use, like say plugging a tree light up to it, or at the end of a good sermon, the preacher can plug it into his tanning bed, but then I thought, sense they don't pay any taxes anyway, chances are that they have allot more money then I do, seeing as they already have the tanning bed.

But regardless that…


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A teacher and mentor of mine who was an agnostic.

Before I begin, this guy I've known my whole life sense I was a kid and he a teacher of English literature. He and I and few other friends show up at a restaurant and play hours of chess on saturdays. Now a few years back he told me that he was an Agnostic but went back to being religious. He never told me why he went back, maybe he did and I just can't remember, but something must have happend to him a long time ago that made him go back and that his choice. The guy has a good sense of…


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A invite to a youth revival.

Today I got invited to one of those youth revivals from a neighbor and I just thanked her for it. Not wanting to offend her or outing myself and have her talk to other neighbors about me, I just couldn't bring myself tell her that I am an Atheist. I really don't know anyway way to handle this other than not to show up, however I do feel a little offended by it, cause it's feels like someone walking up to you and offering a cigarette, or a person who is a recovering alcoholic and offering him…


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Religion hybred.

A thought a cured to me the other day. 

If a Christian girl and an Atheist boy got together one night and she got pregnant, what would be the out come of the kid be, an Agnostic?  lol

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The stomach virus.

I would like you the reader, right now to look back at a moment in your life, to a time when you were just a child, to a time at the age of your memory was just developing. You there yet? Good. When you were at that age, you'd probably also remember when you first gotten sick, had your first tummy ache. I what you to think back at that time, you were lying in bed, your parents call the school and tolled them you weren't going to make it, and you were looking up at the ceiling and…


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Playing God.

You know when you think about it, all the things that god has done in the bible, it always boils down to him always needing something from people, think about it. God always needed something didn't he? Always commanding people to do stuff for him, "Save these people Jonah." "Save those people Mosses." "Do this, do that."

The only thing that God did himself, was himself, but again God need people to do that for him too didn't he? He need a vessel to make himself. And he made sure that the…


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What the world would be like.

Every time I go threw my town, I see more and more churches being built, and when I look at a church, I just shake my head in shame and think to myself; That place could have been put to better use like say, a Hospital or a Science lab for medical research to find a way to cure cancer, or a Trade school, or a community collage, or bigger library, a freak'en starbucks I don't care anymore, anything but a church. I went threw out my town and counted them, and there are 23 churches in a town of… Continue

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