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Help !!!

My brother-in-law is the son of a preacher. He's also a corporate lawyer. He has never liked me because I'm easy prey. I heard him telling my aging folks to give any inheritance away to charity. I asked him later what he was on about and he told me about what he thought of my family dynamics. He's a narcistic egomaniac who serves himself on a plate in each room he enters. He strives to succeed and my sister is the oldest sibling and plays princess to my dad. They live on the other side of the… Continue

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Is there an athiest pendant?

What if I already met an athiest today and don't even know it?

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I went to God and all I got was a T-Shirt.

I get so mad because I spent so much of my simple life worshipping God and being humble that I have become a beaten , chastised, empty shell of a person. I have a hatred for God I need to deal with. First there is this ingrained way of life that I am. Second, there is no God to help me. So I realize the answer to this is to be able to work it out on my own. As I should have been able to do from the beginning without fantasy prayer and forgiving everyone and everything that bowls me over. So…


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There will never be a global reform so get over it.

What year is it and why?

Our year is based on the existance of Christ and there is no foreseeable reason for us to change that.

2000 years from now it will be the year 4011.

I don't expect for life to exist by then for there are to many 'mistakes' happening now for it to continue.

Not the point. Christianity is etched upon global society for eternity, Even if you are of differing faiths, you are likely to go by the calander arranged and compiled over 2000 years…


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