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Now Is Not The Time For Atheists To Back Down

Why We Need To Kick It Up A Notch...

The American Atheists, Inc. lawsuit regarding the 17-foot-tall Christian Cross Memorial has generated a lot of buzz about the method that some of us use to advance our cause. There are those who are adamant that we should be non-aggressive, respectful and tolerant of those who hold religious beliefs and that we should not be outspoken. However, there are those of us who just cannot adopt the “live and let live” philosophy, because the favor is not… Continue

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Recipe For Disaster: Religion and Human Sexuality

Organizations like the National Organization For Marriage are a horrific example of all that is wrong when human sexuality is combined with religion, such as Catholic adoption agencies…


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2010 Tea Party Candidates Elected On Jobs Economy Platform, Give Us 916 Anti-Abortion Bills. Happy Mother’s Day…

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! That was the rallying call for the Tea Party movement candidates in their mid-term push to take over and rule the world.  Three topics affected are insurance coverage of abortion, restriction of abortion after a specific point in gestation and ultrasound requirements. As well, legislators offer no… Continue

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Should Atheists Be Looking For A Fight?

Before you start reading this, I feel it is my responsibility to let everyone know that this post contains adult language. If you are offended by this, then move on, there's nothing more to see here.  I write from my gut, which is evident in my blog posts, articles and my book.  Sometimes what I have to say isn't all kittens,…


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Osama bin Laden’s Death Means Justice Served For The Families Of The Following 3,497 People

Below are the names and some information, where available, of all of the immediate victims of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, spearheaded by Osama bin Laden. The following names are of the…


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Religious "End Times" Prophecies May Actually Come True!

Not From Their Gods, Though.  From Religion, Itself...

Mainstream Christianity goes to great lengths to separate itself from its Abrahamic cousin, Islam. However, the commonalities between the two faiths are very apparent to most of us who live free from the shackles of religious…


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The Genesis Of The Resurrection Myth

Today is Easter Sunday. It is the Christian high holy day that has been set aside to celebrate the resurrection of their god-born savior, a tenet which is central to their faith. If there were no resurrection, the human sacrifice known as the crucifixion would be the end of a failed mission. The cycle of the death and…


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