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I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist: Chapter One

Over a month ago, I was asked by a friend who is also a youth pastor to read “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist.” After some digging, it seems the YP wants to have an open discussion and listen to my opinion regarding the book. Hopefully, these are his true intentions.

With that in mind, I saw this as an opportunity to refresh my knowledge in apologetics and to show that atheists…


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Update: "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist"

As some of you may know, a friend of a friend asked me to read "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist" by Frank Turek. [Click here for the original post] The plan was to read the first seven chapters and we would then get together for a 'discussion'. I did that, as agreed. However, I didn't just read the book...I completely tore it apart...Word for Word...Accusation after…


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Jesus approves of Wal-mart!

We all know Jesus loves toast and the rear ends of dogs but now it's official...


Jesus loves to shop at Wal-mart! …


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ive been challenged?

**Update** Well ladies and gents, I have some pretty interesting news. The y.pastor hasn't even read the book yet. He was hoping that we would all read it at the same time & then discuss it. (It really silly to recommend a "good book" without actually reading it first-though, this is what they do with their Bible every day) He has also stated that his goal is not to convert me but to have an open discussion and that he does have questions for me (I'm assuming "how do you believe life got… Continue

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My New Tattoo

Over the past few months, I've had that urge to get another tattoo. After some searching, I decided that I wanted something featuring Darwin's evolutionary tree. I gave my artist a picture of Darwin's 'tree' and told him to get creative. I'm so ecstatic about how it turned out and it's my new favorite piece! I absolutely love it! :) Ink by Moto @ Amber Island Tattoo in Easley, SC


And now..for your viewing pleasure...

(It's on my wrist, btw)…


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A Tidbit about My 3-year old.

I love watching my kid grow. She's learning more and more each day and her imagination just amazes me. She has recently been wanting to learn about Earth and other planets. We look up at the stars at night and I try to explain how far away each star really is. I've also bought several science-themed booked for her and she loves them!

As she's been learning about about the Universe, she has began to create her own version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." She now… Continue

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God Did It!

I have recently been thinking of ways to explain evolution to everyday Christians, mainly members of my family. I’ve been watching videos and reading books & blogs in order to familiarize myself with evolution and its mechanism. The theory of evolution is definitely a question raiser and I’d like to be able to answer them accurately.

But a thought popped into my head a few days ago and I’ve been thinking on it ever since. . .

Evolution seems so anti-god to most… Continue

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/rant Kirk Cameron & John McAuthor video

I ran across this video today. It is centered around Kirk Cameron telling his conversion story with commentary from John MacAuthur. This entire video is just filled with their typical delusional fantasies. Kirk Cameron sends the message of "Oh, Christians! We are so persecuted just like Jesus!" by saying "..but you come in and say that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, born-again, all of the sudden, people wanna step 10 feet back and point their fingers at you." [6:10] If people are stepping…


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For God's sake, don't shop at Home Depot!!

The American Family Association [AFA] has called for all the good Christians to boycott Home Depot for their "financial and corporate support to open displays of homosexual activism on main streets." This radical Christian group is 'asking' the company to remain neutral in the "culture war" between homosexuals and the religious. First of all, culture war? Why does everything that comes out of a right-wingers mouth…


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You see atheists everyday but you might not know it.

Watching "Hoarders", I noticed that the women's son had a particular demeanor. Unlike his (unsympathetic) mother, he was very polite, well spoken & and had an understanding of his mother's mental illness. You could also tell that he had accepted, what had become of her. For some odd reason, the thought popped into my head, "I wonder how many times you see an atheist on tv or on the streets and you don't even know it!" A few minutes later, I spotted something on the man's shirt. Could it…


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How we get the labeled "angry atheists"

Sometimes, people get heated during a conversation. It could be about [the nonexistence] of god, abortion, eugenics, universal healthcare, or any other controversial subject but things can't turn sour at any given moment...


Last night, I was contacted by my best friend [who is Christian] who pointed me in the direction of a facebook conversation that had been taking place. Two of the people who were involved were friends of mine (we will call them J & N -N being a…


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Damon Fowler- An Atheist Hero

Damon Fowler, a high school senior at Bastrop High School in Louisiana, is being called an Atheist Hero in many forums and blogs this morning. Damon called for his school not to use a Christian prayer during their graduation ceremony, citing Louisiana law. Due to a threat of the ACLU, the school district decided to remove the prayer from their graduation program...but things only got worse for Damon. He has received death threats from other students, been slandered by his teacher, and has…


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Thoughts from an atheist

Do you feel yourself holding back in a conversation because you don't want to sound overly 'smart' or offending the opposing side? I sometimes find myself doing so. Sometimes, I have to watch my language because, let's face it, some people 'don't know them big words.' I also find myself holding back because I don't want to upset anyone or make anyone feel as if I'm picking on them. I see myself doing this all the time...


A friend of mine asked for facebook prayers [I have…


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Anti-gay Christians just want to preserve their religious freedoms?

Thousands of conservative Christian rallied in NC for a ban of gay marriage.


Carrying Christian and American flags, over 3500 Christians gathered in the streets of the capitol of NC. Why? So they could show the world just how many ignorant fools there are in the state of North Carolina.


The article from…


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A bit of a predicament

I have friend who is several years younger than I. Since we've become friends, I have always viewed him as a little brother. I would give him family, friend, girlfriend ect advice and I feel as if I've helped him grow as a person in several aspects. A few months ago, without provocation from me, my friend confided in me that he no longer believed in god. My response was of congratulations. Since then, we have many, many conversations about religion. I often share blogs and discussions from…


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Facebook & the delusions of a Christian


Edited to add punctuation and clarity:


"I just wanted to say that I heard people say "I don't drink, smoke or use bad language & God loves them" It's not you. It's Jesus. Christ is the reason for you getting into heaven. You can be good enough or do good enough. It's the cross, It's the blood of Christ!!!!!!!!"


What does my…


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oh the U.S Media

Ya know, I really should stop reading news articles from CNN and Fox. The comments made by Americans usually portray that "ignorant" stereotype we so like to give ourselves to the rest of the world. 


I'm pretty sure a few of you guys have heard the story where a man, claiming to be a prophet, decapitated a women in a supermarket. The story from the U.k plainly states the man's mental state. Let's take a look at the…


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I came out to my family yesterday

(I have to use my phone to write this so excuse any grammatical errors)

Yesterday was a pretty exciting Mother's day in my family. They found out one of their own was an atheist. The conversation started with the killing of Bin Ladin which led the topic of religion. I found it to be the perfect opportunity to voice my opinion. My aunt brought up the radical muslims and their violence. I quickly pointed out that Islam is still a young religion and that Christianity went through the… Continue

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Oooo..Apolcolyse ghost horse & a phone call from my dad.

My dad called me today just to talk to me about this supposed "ghost horse" on the news. I had not seen it before and I had no idea what he was talking about. He said that during a newscast, a ghostly green horse with a rider rides across the screen. Then, he throws in "ya know, it's just like the horsemen of revelations." Really, Dad? A little shocked, I responded, "So, it's the end of the world, eh?"


Now, I don't know if my dad knows I am an atheist. I have my mom as a…


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