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Facts Before Faith podcast/ I get to perform communion Xmas eve

So I have not been back in 2 years or so. So life has a drastic positive change for me. I have settled in as a software engineer, and I love bragging and being self absorbed- what are blogs for anyway?- and now have a job doing software testing avionics software (aerospace) and I FINALLY have a 401k and health benefits and employer matching on both, though they are a Christian based company, but not enforced. And I am getting married in June of 2014, so life went from bleak to grand! Now on to… Continue

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Cell De Resistance: Let's Go Back Into The Cave

Plato once taught me, that we should find our way out of 'the Cave' of ignorance and to enjoy the real side of enlightenment. But now that we are out/closeted, what do we do now? I always like to cite the pew study that found that atheists, on average, knew more about world religions, and knew more about any particular religion than the practicing members within that particular religion. Well I was also taught by one of my favorite philosophy professors, that the Plato's cave does not have…


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Do Tax Cuts Increase Jobs?

Does anyone have any resources that prove or disprove this claim? Also can anyone find the articles that show what the Wisconsin Teachers Union has proposed to Walker? I cant not find any 'credible' sources.

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OOPS...Brief Intro To Greek Mythology



So for anyone interested in watching a doc about greek gods and the such, please visit that site. They mention the parallels of Christianity to this, coincidence? I believe this takes from Hesiod's Theogony, which is the Greek's equivalent to Genesis. Have fun!


Edit: The narrator and some of the speakers also think this stuff happened! lovely, just…


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The Theists lost Mr. Lebowski!!!

Where have all the hardcore theists gone? Where are those self-righteous Calvinists? Why don't people still believe that lightning comes from Zeus' rectum? or believe floods are literally God's wrath? OK Pat Robertson got me there, but a tongue in cheek  defense, he is an old man trying to drum up controversy so that his followers can feel threatened by the rest of reality and give up more of their hard earned income to protect Robertson's hegemonic ideology. The other 99% honestly DO NOT…


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"MEGA" Theory

This will be the most proof we will ever see of "Mega" Theory.

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I Did Not Suspect That Coming...Regarding The Spanish Inquisition

Imagine my surprise when the door suddenly opens and people run in yelling, "YOU DONT BELIEVE IN GOD?"


maybe I should have started out writing about how my evening went last night (night before Thanksgiving) and then giving the Monty Python 'Spanish Inquisition' punch line near the end of this post- either way, holy tits...they came out of no where. I am hangin' with the bros drinking a fine Belgian wheat ale and playing some liars… Continue

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Pew Study Finds Why Your Arguments Don't Work

So before we get really excited about the latest Pew Study that finds atheists/agnostics to have a higher understanding of religious knowledge than...well the religious, I took some time to think about one of the famous quotes by Stephen Roberts.

"When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods

you will understand why I dismiss yours."

Do you see the problem why theists don't get us?

If the theists don't know much in regards to…

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Even God's Children Need Atheists

So I caught this article recently


it depicts religion programs specialist Phillip Chute who has two tours of duty in Iraq/Afghanistan and follows a Navy chaplain, Moran, throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. The irony of it is, Chute is an atheist. Hooray for our team! To sum up the article, a creationist… Continue

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Atheists 2nd favorite time of the year...Election season!!!

Your T.V turns on, "Johnny Dipshit Snyder wants to increase your taxes, have some butt sexing with men, and spend more money on ABORTION CLINICS", the message sends a general shriek over the audience, because how dare Johnny Dipshit Snyder make us give him money so he can spend it on abortion clinics, how dare those baby killers steal money from us, where the fuck is that invisible hand of the free market jerking me off? The ad continues "Tanya Studebaker-Miller-Aurthur-Anderson made it her… Continue

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Atheism, Liberalism, and male sexual exclusivity linked to Higher IQ.


So take it for what it's worth. Although one quote in the article is from George Washington Leadership professor, James Bailey, " these preferences may stem from a desire to show superiority or elitism, which also has to do with IQ. In fact,…

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My Dog Passed Away...

So this week has been rough. Monday I took Buddy into the vet clinic to see what was wrong with him, and on Wednesday morning he died...Nothing makes you rethink your whole life like losing a loved one. I wish there was a heaven to see your old friends and family and pets, but then why would I cherish life? Well after 12 years of being my best friend, Buddy passed away July 14th, 2010 in the morning from "Immune Mediated Anemia" which means his own immune system has been killing his red-blood… Continue

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Public Relations and Science.

I caught this documentary the other day:

Flock of Dodos, about the intelligent design v. evolution debate raging in our school boards. It is pro-evolution, but also paints a melancholy picture of the evolution side, and why we are "Losing" on the public relations front (sort of). Although I want to add that we won in Kansas,…

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My Dating Life, My Atheist Life, and Need Help w/ C++

I went to the Kalamazoo Kings baseball game tonight with the lady I have been seeing for sometime now and witnessed a player crank 3 home runs this evening which included the bottom of the ninth, two out, home run to win the game. The date went well, and I can't wait to see more of each other this Memorial Day Weekend. I have enjoyed our dates together and found that we have alot in common and I am happy! But now you probably do not care too much and I don't like to talk too much about my… Continue

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I Know A Movie That Will Piss Off Atheists!

After a few weeks of relationship...complications...I found a nice video that will, surely, piss you off. Welcome to the BBC documentery titled, The Trouble With Atheists, where Rod Liddle, just a guy who asks questions, depicts atheism as another religion. So after bad mouthing something he knows liddle about....Little about...his conclusion, "There may or may not be a God, why not leave it at that". SO SHUT UP ATHEISTS AND STOP HATING GOD!!!!!! I do want to add there are the… Continue

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I Pledge Allegiance...

I caught this on NPR today.

Not only did I learn a new term, "Hapax Legomenon" (which means a word or phrase used only once in a written record or language) but about how the pledge of allegiance was meant as, according to the 9th circuit court of appeals, a


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Oh What The Fuck

So I am getting so fucking tired of neo-conservative, right-wing christian assholes trying to destroy education and try to rewrite history. Not only did the Texas Board of Education implement intelligent design and…

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making everything into a religious debate is not my goal, thinking is my mission

Friend: Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.

Me: Also, believing what you know is not so.

Friend: Is it your mission in life to make everything a religious debate?

Me: Yes, I was hired by the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation to reply to your status.

Ok so I was sarcastic rather than serious. I could have come up with, it is your…

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Do atheists write hate mail?

So I was watching the PBS Judgement Day: Intelligent Design and Evolution on Trial, and I watched the part where the town of Dover pretty much divided itself. At the same time the Rhem family and the Katzmiller family, and every other family who sued Dover, received so many death threats in the hate mail over the issue. I recently received a newspaper published by the Freedom From Religion Foundation and they had one section of just hate mail from theists. So maybe I am overly exposed to the… Continue

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Greg House M.D atheist & My creationist co-worker strategy

So I am hoping someone can clue me in on last night's episode of House. He was reading that book of sermons by his biological father, but please tell me, or atleast reassure me he is not losing his atheist touch. It would be a shame to have those right wing nuts at Fox telling the writers to make him more spiritual or it gets cancelled. Fox has been known to cancel some really good shows (anyone remember Firefly and Arrested Development?). Ok, so that may be a huge leap in logic, and I… Continue

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