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"A" week.


Change your profile picture to the 'A' during 'A' Week, 20-26 March 2011, and help raise awareness of how many people are 'Good without God' and don't need religion to influence their lives. If this is new to you then you may want to take a look at the 'A' Week website:

'A' Week is not about being disrespectful to religion or people who have religious views, it's about… Continue

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Narrow MInded Views: At you're local book store.

Here's a quick story. I live in a town where there is literally four churches at an intersection. No mosques, no temples, no synagogues or anything other then christian. Nope..four protestant churches.

Anyway, I went to the local mall yesterday because I plan on reading several religious texts. I'm working on the bible again, I want to read the koran, and maybe something on Buddhism.

I'm rambling again..Anyway, I went to the book store in the mall to find a good copy of the…


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Failed Prophocies.

I once read in a Christian pamphlet that you can trust that the bible is the inspired word of god because there has been many prophicies of the bible that has been fulfilled.


What of these then?


Genesis 26:4 And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.

Here God tells Isaac that his descendents (Hebrews) will be as numerous as…


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So I have a pretty interesting story, eh, maybe not. You be the judge.

Anyway, my cousins and I were out to eat today at a Chinese restaurant. After our meal we got our fortune cookies as usual, and I got jipped. Mine didn't have a piece of paper in it. My cousin Mike said "maybe it's because you dont beleive in that kinda stuff" They all said "yeah, you're an atheist". lol well, my cousin Tiff, who is very religious opened her's and it said Hallelujah.… Continue

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Killing In The Name Of Atheism

this is just another reason that people have thought of to point the blame at atheism..especially I have found out, when you talk about events like the crusades, witch hunts or the inquisition. Personally, I'd hardly call us even...even if we DID kill in the name of our lack of belief.

there has been communist leaders who did not have faith in a god or religion, who have killed countless people for not thinking like them. But, was it because of atheism that they did… Continue

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You Can’t Have Morality Without God

I know some of this has been talked about before, I just wanted to state my opinions on this subject and include things that might not have been stated before.

As an Atheist, I am constantly hearing from Christians that morality would not exist without the word of God instructing us on how to live our lives. Though I’ve found many things in the bible to dispute this claim, I will stick to the most well known set of ground rules in the bible, The Ten Commandment.

Most may not… Continue

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A miracle is "a transgression of a law of nature by a particular volition of the Deity, or by the interposition of some invisible agent" (Hume, 123n). Theologians of the Abrahamic religions consider only God-willed contravention of the laws of nature to be true miracles. However, they admit others can do and have done things which contravene the laws of nature; such acts are attributed to diabolical… Continue

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soul (spirit)

soul (spirit)

A soul or spirit is a non-physical entity capable of perception and self-awareness. Souls are often believed to be immortal.

If ever there were an entity invented for human wish-fulfillment, the soul is that entity. As Thomas Hobbes pointed out, the concept of a non-substantial substance is a contradiction. It is not possible to imagine a non-physical entity having life and…


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Why Do You Believe In God?

Who Told You That You Are A Sinner?

Your church? But wait, don't fret! There's a magic cure, and your church

just happens to have it! (Of course some might suggest that your church

has merely cut you in order to sell you a band-aid...)

Did Adam And Eve Sin?

They disobeyed God by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (right and wrong). So, yes...Right?

Just one problem. How could Adam and Eve have been expected… Continue

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Amish: Secluded From Society

I don't know if this sect has been discussed here very much, but it is not an uncommon thing in my area of Pennsylvania to see an Amish farm, or Amish horse and buggy along side a public road.

There is an awful lot that could be discussed, but I'm only going to start the conversation with a brief summery and a few of my thoughts relating to them.

The Amish consider the Bible a trustworthy guide for living but do not quote it excessively. To do so would be considered a sinful… Continue

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Glossolalia - "Speaking in tongues"

In my opinion, speaking in tongues is not a normal result of having been saved. Rather, Pentecostals are motivated to speak in this way because of the expectations of their religious culture. They are expected to speak in tongues; this expectation is internalized; they end up speaking in tongues.

Here is an essay written about the subject on

Speaking in tongues

Speaking in tongues has been practiced for many… Continue

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I've seen discussions in the community about marriage among atheists. Some people don't feel that it is necessary to be married. That is totally up to the life style that you chose to live. There certainly are benefits that come from marriage, and there is nothing religious about it.

In these discussions, people were talking about our rights and benefits. I think that a lot were left out so I decided to make a list for myself.

On the order of 1,400 legal rights are conferred… Continue

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Taking The Bible Literally

I've heard a lot lately that most Christians in these modern times only believe that the stories in the bible are only parables to teach us how to live our lives. I don't believe that. I believe that with all of the details included in most of these stories, the bible really was intended to be taken literally. The details thrown in are to make you think everything actually happened as it was written.

There are so many details to every story. The measurements and construction of Noah's… Continue

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Could someone explain this denomination to me?

What denomination did I emancipate myself from?

This is the church that my parents belong too. I just found the link today. I've been in this church millions of times. This is were it all started for me. I've always been confused about their teachings.

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If it wasnt inspired by God...

If Christians believed that their bible wasn't written by god, Christians would spend there time trying to ban it instead of getting it into public schools.

think about it. The bible consists of so many things that they spend so much time trying to tell the world is wrong.

such as: incest, Adultery, Mass murder of men, women and children, manslaughter, religious intolerance, slavery, supporting unequal rights, selfishness, polygamy, thievery, cannibalism....these are all… Continue

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Most of my friends know that I am interested in politics, and that I am unaffiliated and that I refuse to consider my self liberal or conservative.

Liberalism is the belief in the importance of individual liberty and equal rights.

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes the maintenance of traditional institutions and supports minimal and gradual change in society.

These terms do not make a lick… Continue

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Chruch Story

When I was a little younger and stopped going to church with my christian family, my mother spoke to the person who was in charge of the "praise group"...pretty much they play music and sing about God during the morning service. She wanted me to join them since she was sure that all I needed to be a better christian was to be involved in the church. Now, I openly told my mother that I was not a christian anymore...nor had I ever really considered myself one, but she told me that it would be… Continue

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Where do We Go When We die?

This is another one of those blogs that came from a forum discussion, but I thought that it was important to me. I want to use my blog to not only blab about what my experiences are, but also where I stand on issues and my philosophies.

we have a life filled with friendship, experiences that change your out look on life, memories to celebrate, love, beauty and creativity . Who

could ask for more?

yes, we die after living our lives the best we can, and as an atheist we… Continue

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Happy Holidays!

This came up in a forum discussion already; and probably many other discussions, but I thought I'd make it into a blog because it sums up my beliefs perfectly.

I celebrate "Christmas" three different ways....and I'm an Atheist!

I celebrate my parents version...Christ's bday.

then I celebrate my fiance's version...yule.

then I celebrate a secular version with my friends...about kindness.

I'd celebrate Kwanzaa and Hanukkah,…

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As Atheists, we believe that any religion is wrong.

That being said, we live in communities where believers of many religions have to coexist along side with us. They are our mothers, our fathers, sisters brothers, friends and lovers.

We often complain about the intolerance of religious followers and prejudice because of our beliefs, but I feel that as an a more logical person, we should show the most tolerance. After all, we already know that most people are not going… Continue

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