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The Rock And The Rose.

The rock and the rose found each other.

Each thought they were like no other.

The rock liked the rock, so she shows.

The rock liked and stayed with the rose.

The rose liked the grass and the trees.

The rock liked the dirt and the dry breeze.

The rock became mean and harshly cruel.

The rose wished anything, even to be pulled.

To be somewhere new in a pretty vase,

was one wish. The other was to be erased.

But then she remembered about her…


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All That I Have Learned, I Have Not Learned At All.

I was eighteen, maybe nineteen, either or;

It doesn’t matter what age I was, only what I was looking for.

I was looking for answers, most of which I thought I had.

But in one quick moment I lost all that I had nabbed.

So young, yet we think that we are so old.

Capable of anything, or so we are told.

Looking back I laugh at myself when I was so callow.

Naive, stubborn and green, I was just a pup of a fellow.

Ten years later and I’ve not…


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A Friend In Jim

What a friend I have found in Jim. My moments of  depression are temporarily smothered by him.

He picks me up off the ground, and as I ponder the conclusions that I have found, my thoughts flow freely, fast and sound. Thanks Jim, together we are eternally bound.

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Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead.

Walking along I strive to see all that I can’t endure.
To avoid the unwanted I enslave myself, hiding behind locked doors.
Introverted and isolated, a sociopath indeed.
But when one and one come together two souls become free.

Don’t be afraid of what is said.
Of what they think and what they expect.
They are wrong, you are wrong and you’re off in the head.
Don’t be afraid to live, because you’re already dead.

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What Do You Know?

Reproduction by those who do not know,

how to advance and how to grow.

They cannot teach, they cannot show,

misleading their brood into this cryptic abode.

On our own, in a sense, but we must give dues where it is owed.

Experience is our teacher, grasping what we can until we fold.

Holden, ol’ Holden, you and I are the same.

The only thing to differ, is this God-forsaken name.

I too am confused, angry and bitter. Not knowing where I belong…

it’s a…


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An End To An End.

An end to an end,
It’s dark yet so bright—
A chilling cold, a warm embrace.
And end to an end,
The humbling plight—
A peace of mind, a somber daze.

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American Spoiled

Must post to Facebook, text or call.

Without these vices I could not live at all!

It’s important to be understood, admired and known.

My complaints, likes, dislikes and daily routine is shown!

I ate at Taco Bell, it’s a guilty pleasure.

I am up-to-date on all the news, happenings and weather!

I have the newest technology, I’m hip and cool.

I’ll unfriend you if you dare call me a tool!

I’m depressed and angry because I’m American Spoiled.

I was told I…


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Through The Graveyard.

“Where to? Where to?” We ask each other, and deeply we all think.

“To the graveyard!” I shout aloud, “And there we shall smoke and drink!”

Marching in-step, boots thudding and thumping an ominous sound.

Grunting, laughing, and bellowing loudly— evil onto holy ground. 

Through the graveyard, one-by-one, glancing upon the tombstones.

Daring the spirits— “Rise up if you protest our presence!” I lowly growl and moan.

Nothing. Not a single sound or movement did they…


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Vis Become Vis

Vis become VIS or conscience forgo!

Large enough to stand and fall alone.

Once you were solid, indeed I do say!

Now you’re withering and drifting away.

Hahaha, you silly old kook!

In front, behind, and beside you I spook!

Abundance, atrocious, comical your struggle.

In the grand scheme of things, you’re nothing but rubble.

And yes, oh yes, I do know you know.

But relentlessly pointing it out is all part of the show.

Vis become VIS or die and be…


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What Can't We Remember?

Why can’t we remember? We never came before.
This precious moment? Useless, it falls to the floor.
Choosing to be here? So it seems.
Can you hold on? Stay alive, it’s all a dream.
Is your body holding me? Remind me that I am not alone.
Is this pain an illusion? We won’t know until it’s gone.
Will you take a moment to realize this gift? Embrace this moment.
Isn’t life the reward, the experience? Death is only the atonement.

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Grimace, Grime and Galore!

Abundance of flowers, I step on so staunchly.

Grinding with my heels, upon them so promptly.

I grin and growl as I frolic through the yard.

Sounds of my razing are the notes of a bard.

A butterfly, flapping, zips by my ear,

with a quick slap of my hand, he is no longer near.

Fallen to the ground, dying too soon.

The slight rustles of his wings, to me, are a joyous tune.

A noise behind,…


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