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The Essential Beliefs Of Christianity

I think it's fair to say that religions generally request, often demand, respect from us all as if they believe we should believe their views are in some way the equal of those that accept science as the focus of discovery and explanation.

The Essential Beliefs Of Christianity So let's put that to the test shall we ... how about Christianity? This, based on 12 years of Catholic Church & schooling, seems a fair summation of the basic Christian belief…


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Satan & God

Satan & God!

So ... about this Satan bloke ...

I've been on and around the internet and involved in religion one way or another for well over a decade and for many more with religion and a few things have occurred to me.

One of the things we're constantly being told by our Christian brethren is that Satan is the arbiter of all evil in the world but I think what is really interesting about the whole Satan thing is the whole one-sidedness of it all and I honestly…


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Why I Celebrate Christmas

A while back I got into a discussion by email with an ex-colleague of mine.

When we worked for same company he used to show me a number of handouts about "The Decreasing Speed Of Light", "The Age Of The Earth" and at the time I hadn't thought much about it (I was much younger, much less experienced, then). He presented himself as someone with a fairly balanced viewpoint and seeming to be asking what I thought rather than claiming any validity. He seemed to be superbly educated, ultra…


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A copy of a post I posted at my own website, Geekanology ... I know I'm preaching to the choir but someone here may enjoy it :)

A Message For Those Who Think I’m In Some Way Wrong

I am an atheist and, quite frankly…


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GEEKANOLOGY: On Ghosts & Out-Of-Body Experiences

A post I posted over at my "Geekanology" website:

In my opinion it is ludicrous to believe in things like ghosts, they are last bastion of those reaching out to something they suppose (wrongly I think) will take them beyond life's clutches. Ghosts/spirits are, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the "real essences" of people and animals (usually dead). They continue to exist after we die…


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Welcome To The Dark Ages!

UN Bans "Defamation of Religion" in Islamic Bid to Curb Free Speech

Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 11:03 am

Press Release: UN Watch

UN Bans "Defamation of Religion" in Islamic Bid to Curb Free Speech but advocacy campaign reduces support from 108 to 85 votes

Geneva, November 24, 2008 - By a vote of 85 to 50, with 42 abstaining, the UN General Assembly today adopted a draft resolution calling on all countries to…


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