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Putting Politicians on the Spot...A Call to Arms for all Atheists.

The National Atheist Party is promoting a campaign, encouraging all Atheists,  to challenge politicians:

Currently there are politicians going through every state who would very much like to NEVER meet you. They are terrified and live their whole lives lying to even…


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Attention ALL Twilight Fans

This post just shared via Facebook, from the local Mayor's wife:


ATTENTION ALL TWILIGHT FANS -- Twilight Bible Study starting Sunday, October 9th at 4:00pm at LaZear's Chapel, Kidwell (Rt. 18, before you get to TCHS) -- Have Fun Discovering how passages from the Twilight books and the Bible inter-relate. 6-weeks study on of 10 lessons guaranteed to spark great discussion among Twilight fans about their favorite characters and great Biblical…


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Religious Experience Shrinks Your Brain, a new study finds...

The article, “Religious factors and hippocampal atrophy in late life,” by Amy Owen and colleagues at Duke University represents an important advance in our growing understanding of the relationship between the brain and religion. The study, published March 30 in PLoS One, showed greater… Continue

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Self-Imposed Censoring

I wasn't sure if this was forum worthy, so I'm keeping it contained, because it has no doubt been asked before.

How do you handle censoring of your interests, beliefs and opinions? I'm very new to being an atheist and I'm really just unsure of when to speak up and when not to. Although, as I type this, I could easily hear the shouting-overtones of prior subservience to religious authorities. 


On twitter, I'm an atheist. On facebook, I'm silent. At home--I'm an atheist.…


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Even Jesus thinks Mel Gibson is a horrible sinner


{Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” says his acting career has suffered since the movie’s 2004 release, …


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Ex-Gay Ministries Strike Again 


CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A controversial group that says it can help gay people find "the freedom to grow into heterosexuality" is set to visit West Virginia in May to meet with pastors and other church leaders.


More proof that religion is harming people:


"They are here to walk beside people who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle," Dys…


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