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atheist comedy...

im sure many of you know jim jefferies, if not check this clip out.(and many others just search for em). its only 9 mins so be sure to watch it.  he puts religion in its place in a very funny way i had never quite heard before.  let me know what you think or if you have any similar suggestions.  ENJOY!

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would like your help....Q n A

I would like your help on a few questions i pose to friends and family, mostly armchair moderate christians, a few agnostics, and some young nieces and nephews that are atheists but afraid to admit it to their parents...i would like some honest and thoughtful answers that i could possibly use in a section of a book i am writing, nothing that involves names ect; or even specifics of any kinds...its just a fill in section to take the writing from one chapter to another.  here are a few and i…


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God spared our church...

So im watching MSNBC the other day as i usually do (since id have to commit suicide if i watched fox news for more than 2 seconds), and theyre covering the Moore, OK. tornado like everyone else was.  It was 3-4 days after the actual event and everyone's doing stories on the clean up ect... So the camera was following this 20some yr old young woman as shes walking down a street then into a parkinglot, and the reporter is asking her the usual questions like, "how is the clean up effort going",…


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Muslims vs. Christians....the american bias continues...

Isn't it funny how americans, especially of the christian sect, like to view all muslims as "islamic radicals"? in light of the recent events in Boston, of which i am whole-heartedly sympathetic toward (yet we ATHEISTS HAVE NO HEART NOR MORALS i am told), i am drawn back to this argument of which i have heard others in the major media outlets sometimes talk about.  When a christian, especially an american christian, thinks of a muslim, they USUALLY think of them as an islamic radical who…


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Spring has not SPRUNG in toledo, ohio...

I hate winter, always have-even as a young boy i never liked the cold, wet, or snow that much.  Sure the occasional sledding event or snowball fight (unless u get pelted in the face), was ok at the time.  But here we are 3 days into april, and something like 13 days into spring, yet no "springing" of the temps/greenery.  However, there are flowers in my front yard that bloom eeeeeearly spring every year, and funnily enough, they are coming up already despite the cold temps (its still low 20s…


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NO EXIT-a play by jean-paul sartre

If you have not read jean-paul sartre's play NO EXIT you should pick up a copy and check it out.  It is his existential thought vented through a ficticious selection of well thought out characters.  The plot line is solid and being sartre, full of real world meaning and philosophy.  The setting is 3 seemingly normal…


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Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining...

have you ever talked to someone who not only thinks theyre smart, but talks condescendingly to people as well?  So not only are they false in what theyre saying, they take the stance of an dik and talk down to you as if YOURE the idiot!  Ive seen this phenomenon more and more lately here in Toledo, Ohio and im quite at a loss as to the cause of it.  Im reasonably well educated and articulate, can hold my own in a debate and pour a mean drink behind the bar.  But more and more i feel…


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