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I'm from the Philippines, and I share the same view as you guys about religion, and this is something I like to share with y'all. As you may know, the Philippines is just a small developing Catholic country in Asia, you may even say that we're a third world country. With that in mind, most of the Filipinos are not that financially capable. While my family and I are having breakfast, they're watching Mass on TV like…

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Stupid questions people ask

My colleague and I were discussing his topic on science, which was about taxonomy. Another colleague overheard what we were discussing and he butted-in and asked "What's the importance of that to our salvation?" I wasn't able to answer because I got mad and I was worried that if I gave my answer it'll just create an endless debate on science vs. religion. And we all know it's difficult to reason with a religious.

My friend said that I shouldn't mind what my colleague asked, but it…


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They're intentionally firetrucking with me!

Today I received a message from my direct superior that I will be handling my first school organization. Of course I was ecstatic with this news, I wanted to be a moderator since I started teaching. But to my surprise, they assigned me to a religious organization not the organization i applied for. a little bird told me that the Organization and Extra-curricular Team Leader heard about me having a "weak" faith and because she wanted to "help" me she gave me the religious org. I tried to reason… Continue

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Nuns are so cruel

Just this week we found out that one of my colleague is pregnant. What did the people, religious people, around her did? Talk behind her back, criticize her, make her feel more miserable. They avoided her like she had lupus. When I was accompanying my colleague at lunch, I swear I could feel the cold stares of disgust from our other colleagues. I thought the faithful were understanding and  were concerned of the well-being of other people, but they weren't.

I know it was against the…


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My Mom Praised Me

Every Sunday, my niece comes over for tutoring. While I was discussing the lesson to my niece, my mom sat beside us and listened. She usually do this and it does not bother me but today was different. My mom had this look on her face that made me a bit uncomfortable. I tried to ignore her but I was so interested as to why she looked at me that way that when I was done tutoring my niece I immediately asked her. She told me you know, you're good at teaching and you know a lot of things,…


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is this what the religious call "divine intervention"?

first, there's my mom who keeps on persuading me to go back to catholicism.

then comes my co-teacher who text bible verses everyday hoping that i become "sensible" and stop questioning god.

now, the vice principal (a nun) of our school when to visit me in my classroom and asked me... i mean told me that she listed me to go to this "search in" tomorrow.

search in is like a retreat where you try to find your purpose in life and discover whether you have been called…


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an encounter with a religious

It was a busy day at school today, so when I found some few minutes to relax I went to the faculty room and checked my mails and read some posts here. Then one colleague saw the name of this blog, I swear, you could hear her gasp in all corners of the faculty room. I know why she reacted like that, but since I love to infuriate religious people, I asked her "why?" Then she sat beside me, looked at me with pity and asked: You're an atheist? Of course i answered YES. Then she said "I never knew… Continue

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The fun of being a Filipino atheist

My family is a hardcore filipino catholic, which means mass on sundays, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, first fridays, fiestas,celebration of any kind, we even go to church at dawn (around 4:00am) starting december 16- 24 called misa de gallo. we practice all sort of catholic rituals such as the pabasa wherein for 3 straight days you read in a chanting manner an entire book about the sufferings of jesus, we usually do this on holy week, my family also have a flores de mayo (… Continue

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