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Talk About "Nothing"

What is "Nothing?" This question sounds like an oxymoron, because "Is" can only be said about something that exist. Nothing can not exist unless it is "Something" which, in my understanding of the word, it isn't. but when I hear the words "Something from Nothing" I get the sense that I am wrong and “Nothing” simply means the absence of a particular something, or equal to the word Zero.

So again, “What is Nothing?”

Understanding the word might give me better… Continue

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"Taking It Out On God"

Why do people assume something bad happen to me? Why do people assume that without god there is no happiness and you must be mad at god to be an Atheist? On several occasions I have encountered people who claim not to be religious or even Christan, but then say, referring to my being Atheist: " I feel so sorry for have been hurt...your angry and taking it out on god."

um, I can not be mad at something I do not believe exist. No one has wronged me so profoundly, I just… Continue

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I'm a blind man;

I can not see.

The floor is falling from underneath me;

Falling into unbelief.

Darkness floods this soul of mine,

Till no light can I find.

Close my eyes to the truth--

No to evidence,

Reason is cruel,

Blinded eyes this is the rule.

I pray to god yet he is silent.

I fear without him the world is violent

The angels … Continue

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Should Gay Marriage Be Legal

Okay let me rephrase the question so that maybe someone can understand how I hear it better:

"Should black people be allowed to marry?"

"Should people with blond hair be allowed to marry?"

"Should Christians be allowed to marry?"

This is what I'm hearing and it's not right - not right at all! It should not even be a discussion - It's silly to the even ask; yet, it seems to be one of the top discussions of all time.

We Americans have a…

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I Recently Discovered Pat Condell

I'm going to play the part of a hypocrite, which is something that all humans are form time to time, but from my last blog "Is there a God?" you could get this Idea that I am very passive when it comes to my being Atheist and not very vocal and that is true to some extent. If you ask I won't lie, I would never lie about my beliefs unless you actually had a gun to my head - I'm not a cowered, but I love myself too much to wear a target on my forehead so to speak.

I'm not the… Continue

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"Is there a God?"

I've heard many answers to this question and the best one I have ever heard was a simple and honest: "I don't know." This is the most humble answer anyone can have to this kind of question and tells a lot about a person religious or not, any definite answer to this question would be, to me, very arrogant and I can't stand arrogance. Arrogance drives me nuts, it's the biggest malfunction of man-kind and possibly our greatest sin, however since you asked, your probably wanting a better and more… Continue

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