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So I found this first communion photo in my grandma's "Isabella" album.

I kind of want to frame it.

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Chick Publications: "Witnessing" Made Easy

[Edited 11-21-09, 4:11PM: I realized hours after posting this how inappropriate it was of me to hotwire those images. But! I will provide links.]

I have an easy, convenient, and enjoyable job that unfortunately has a single, glaring flaw - it's like a watering hole for the religious right.

Underneath the coffee bar where I work is a periodicals basket for the The Wall Street Journal, the local paper, and community bulletins. Three days ago during my night shift, I… Continue

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How Long it Takes for Someone to Decide They Hate You:

The two seconds it takes for them to read the words "think atheist" over your shoulder in a public computer lab.

A complete stranger just walked by, glanced at my screen, made eye contact with me and (rather emphatically) mouthed, "Fuck you."

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The Source for Youth Ministry, and More Importantly, "What's a Fo' Sheezy?"

I could get into a passionate tirade about the poisonous, manipulative ways through which Christianity and religion indoctrinate children with ideas before giving them a proper chance to come up with their own.

I could. But I want to avoid preaching to the choir - or simply complaining, which I think I covered all too well in my last blog entry. I feel a little bit silly about how incensed I got.

"Thesource4ym.com" is a free, online resource full of discussion ideas,… Continue

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Christianity : Sexism

Masolino's The coffee shop where I work is constantly crawling with holy rollers. One of these people recently left her "amplified" version of the bible behind, and it was promptly taken to the back. I have been perusing it for a week, looking for every passage that the owner highlighted and trying to divine what kind of person this mystery woman is.

The most heavily highlighted areas were in the book of Job and Proverbs, particularly passages about women. More particularly than that,… Continue

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A Brief Transcript of a Conversation Overheard in Astronomy Class

Eavesdropping is one of my favorite pastimes, and I always jot down the good stuff.

The greatest fruit of my nosiness this week:

Girl #1: I'm really excited about the dating discussions that the student Baptist center is having! It relates to everybody, it's going to bring a lot of people in.

Girl #2: I know! And it's so like, important. It was just like, whoa, you know? Some of the things we talked…

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