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Look. It's simple. I haven't got knowledge of all the clever arguments and statistics and philosophical stand points - probably not even enough to make a half baked argument from ignorance but I know this. This world is phenomenal. It's beautiful and clever and intricate. There are animals and cultures and people and plants that I'll probably never learn about that are also amazing and I'm in awe of that. There is so much in this stunning sphere that we are inconceivably lucky enough to be able… Continue

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Shouty Evangelism - Ssshhhhh!

I watched this man, Pastor Mark Driscoll -  

the other night and it made me write this:

I give money to good causes. I'm nice to my friends. I say sorry when I hurt others. I use the talents I have been fortunate enough to posses. I keep my house neat and make nice dinners for my family. I love my family. I love my family… Continue

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