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Government Shutdown & why Obmacare is the Apocalypse

You may have heard Michelle Bachman proclaim that Obamacare is the sign of the Apocalypse over the last 3 weeks. And a recent Reuters article clearly explained just what the F$%# is going on in the minds of the far right wing of the republican party. Basically it boils down to they see their culture their very way of life under attack. The religious right in this country sees America becoming less Christian, less white, less conservative, etc. As an Atheist I applaud this shift but believe…


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Ungodly Discipline AC360

Nothing and I mean nothing gets my blood boiling more than religious corporal punishment. I caught another installment of Anderson Coopers Ungodly Discipline segment on TV, I then watched more on youtube and learned about The Independent Fundamentalist Baptists or IFB. After listening to the stories from 'survivors' told and hearing about those who did not survive their godly punishment. After my initial rage I thought this: Why in America are these religious institutions or cults given so…


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Agora the story of Hypatia

I just watched Agora a film by Alejandro Amenábar. This is a beautiful film with a message that I think many on this site will relate too. I knew nothing of Hypatia for some reason she has been almost erased from contemporary history. Agora is about philosophy, astronomy, religion but mostly its about us as a species. It asks how the hows and the whys and is as I have said a beautiful tale - a tragic tale but also a tale of the triumph of reason. This film should be a must see for everyone… Continue

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Dawkins latest on the Creationists invasion of the classroom

Just found this little gem and wanted to pass it along, I especially like the title the article.

My only comment is that how sad its going to be in say 100 years when all the remnants of our achievements no longer exist and whats left of the human race has reverted back to cave man and cave women because of this unyielding urge by the religious to excise all and any… Continue

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The White Shirt Gestapo

It seems that on at least a monthly basis my feelings about and my decision to leave the Mormon church are re-affirmed. Last night I read that a gay couple were detained by LD$ Inc. security while the cops were cops were brought in for walking on church grounds or by church grounds and kissing on the cheek. I went to the Salt Lake Tribune to check this story out further it was there and already has more than 1,000 comments. I liked the one best about how right after a couple gets "sealed"… Continue

Added by Erik Elison on July 12, 2009 at 10:54pm — 5 Comments

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