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The Sun god, Polytheism, and the hive mind.

Like many, if not all of the interesting creatures on this site I consider the prospect of a humanoid supernatural deity highly suspect, I think that the heaviest blow rendered against the cloud man is one of free will. If He made us this way and He knows exactly how our lives will play out and unfold according to His plan, then heavenly justice is the least just commodity that can be conjured up. What are we supposed to do, suprise Him? That would be wonderful, we would surprise myself if we… Continue

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The stakes this time are heavens high

Immortal bliss on the by and by

Funny to squabble over heaven

like there isn't enough to go around

Funny to tempt Armageddon

Put off our fun till we're underground

Earths that rickety shack on the edge of town

Unkempt, Quarantined, making creaking sounds

An amateur species bachelour pad

A real rookie species with this battling fad

Us apes will scratch our heads at the pearly gates

Found while tinkering… Continue

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Atheist's Ten Commandments: Survival based Ethics

This really didn't work out the first time I tried so I've shortened it to basically the cliff notes of a much longer piece over at ragged trousered philosopher, enjoy



This is obviously an instruction - a literal commandment - rather than a behavioural proposition. Why? Because there is no attempt at either a pain or pleasure proposition. It is not even possible to… Continue

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The God Cortex, my virgin attempt at poetry

When humans take neurons place

A god's mind arises of our own sake

And just like cortices battle within the brain

Humanity shows bloody indifference

to individual pain

so who's in charge and who's at the head?

who provides glucose, who bakes the bread?

he who severs his synapses will wither away

but he who connects will through them have say

and yet her scream still rings true

how can humans be so cruel?

and she pours out a glass of… Continue

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What god has to say about atheism

Hey all, I've been kicking around the idea of posting this short story for a bit now and have decided this is the just the place for it to work it's magik. Let me first give cred where cred is due; this is no work of mine, I personally haven't written anything 'fictionally' noteworthy since middle school but at the same time Stottle has informed a lot of my thinking about god and well, fuck, everything else too, for a number of years now...you can find the entire work of his peculiarly… Continue

Added by Ellimist on January 28, 2009 at 12:00am — 3 Comments

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