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Since the chat is always dead I might as well use this

I assume just talking about life is ok.

I finally finished a ridiculously stressful semester of school and now I have no idea to do with all my free time. It helps that I'm about to start two jobs, though. And they both involve working from him which is my favorite kind. One is doing work for the Office of Naval research in DC which is not nearly as interesting as it might sound. The other is building some websites for an order of nuns my mom does IT for. I'm not thrilled…

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I've seen several atheists here talk about Zeitgeist here in a positive way. By Zeitgeist I mean the movie, not the general term for "spirit of the ages." Zeitgeist is not a friend to atheists, or anyone else. Yes the first section is about religion and from a skeptical point of view, but they substitute supposition for fact in the same manner that they do for the sections on 9/11 being an inside job and the banking system being a world wide conspiracy. I'm no friend to religion or capitalism,… Continue

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David Lynch

So I spent all yesterday night watching Lost Highway and Inland Empire and today I'll watch Mulholland Drive and Eraserhead. I have determined that David Lynch exists in some other dimension were plots are unnecessary to movies and causality doesn't exist. I want to go to there. I never know what's going on but I always love it and want more.

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Societal Collapse

So as I think of it constantly, here are my current thoughts: whether it be zombies, a pandemic, or global warming the outcome is roughly the same. I predict populations collapsing into smaller groups. I can imagine my neighborhood closing in. Luckily we have at least one doctor so we'd be in decent shape. It's a loop around a major street so I'd predict we barricade the road entrances and strengthen the houses at the ends with guns and shit. We'd need to plant tons of gardens to be self… Continue

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The main page didn't give me much room to talk about my interests or anything so I'll do it here. I'll do the typical boring "books, movies, songs" stuff last. First off: I love flight. I love planes, spaceships, and especially dirigibles which I am really hoping will make a comeback. I am also fascinated by robots and artificial intelligence. I consider myself something of a futurist or transhumanist but don't go nearly as extreme as a lot of them do. I'm pretty good with computers. I wouldn't… Continue

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