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Living life with a crutch

Someone who I considered a good friend basically said that I can offend people for pointing out their religion is a delusion (my words) and that I can hurt people's feelings.


Him: u can offend some decent people who happen to be religious even if u have a point u need consider ppls feelings

Me: i'm not afraid to offend people who think its a virtue to believe in an imaginary guy in the sky

Him: srysly. its more complicated than that. religious ppl hurt deep down…


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Depressing Statistics

I was reading an article about science education in the United State and read some statistics that really surprised me.


18% of American adults believe the sun revolves around the earth and 3% are unsure.

32% of American adults believe astrology is either "very scientific" or "sort of scientific".

28% of science teachers stick to National Research Council guidelines when teaching evolution.

13% of teachers "explicitly advocate…


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Math Video

I stumbled upon this very interesting math lecture. It's an hour long but worth your time if you're interested in math/physics.



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What do atheists do in court?

So people swear on the bible in court (or whatever religious text they want), but does anyone know what atheists do? I mean if I was ever in that situation and they told me to swear on some religious text I'd probably just laugh at them. Has anyone had experience with this?

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I didn't realize god killed bin Laden...

So god killed Osama bin Laden...Sorry I must have been mistaken. I thought it was humans. But of course god didn't kill all the people bin Laden killed. God had nothing to do with that, but it is thanks to god bin Laden is dead. God is not great. The people who killed him are great. Don't get the two confused. >./p>



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Not dealing with religious fanatics

I was wondering how many people here have never met/rarely see religious fanatics. Plenty of people here talk about their experience dealing with intolerance, but I can honestly say I've never met a religious fanatic. The closest I could say I've come was this girl I went to high school with who was a pretty conservative Christian, went to pro-life rallies and stuff like that, but even she never tried to convert me or tell me I was wrong or anything. I'm wondering if it's partly my location.…


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My friend's cousin's born again Christian grandmother got in to an accident the other day. Want to know why? Not only was she reading the Bible while driving, but she was witnessing to the other drivers on the GWB from her car. Even ignoring everything else...she was on the GWB why the hell wasn't she paying attention to her driving!

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Dark Ages

I'm curious on how people feel about the role of the church during the Middle Ages. I took a course on the history of science last semester and learned a lot of surprising facts. Although it was nothing compared to modern standards the church really did a lot to not only preserve science but also advance it. And the story they tell about Galileo is not true. My professor told us that the church basically said as long as you don't say anything bad about Christianity you can say anything you… Continue

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Reaction to questioning religion

I was curious what experiences other people have had when they tell members of their family they don't believe in the religion they were raised in.


I was raised Jewish and started having doubts in middle school. I was scared by this because I was always taught to believe in Judaism and all my friends from temple never seemed to have any doubts. I remember thinking to myself that after my Bat Mitzvah I would have some kind of revelation and it would all make sense and I would…


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